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Much to my surprise, for our four year anniversary Darryl arranged for us to have a spontaneous day trip getaway to Copenhagen, Denmark. A lot of people will think, and have even said, that we must be mad for getting up at 4am to head to Luton Airport – only to return the same day at 10pm, but I can honestly say that spontaneous trips abroad are my favourite thing to do.

From the age of merely two years old, I was already travelling the world with my family – needless to say the feeling of wanderlust has never left me, it has in fact only grown stronger. If I had some spare money at the end of each month and didn’t work full time – without a doubt I would find any excuse to hop on a plane and jet off somewhere new!

In our four years together so far, Darryl has obviously become more aware each day of what makes me happy. He managed to combine my love for early starts, airport breakfasts and the chance to explore a new destination – allowing us to have an amazing anniversary. I don’t know about you, but there’s something exhilarating about getting up before the sun rises and hearing the clacking sound of suitcases rolling along the paving as you head into the airport – particularly when you’re able to grab a bacon roll and a coffee on arrival whilst you mooch around the shops.

Prior to our trip, Darryl had researched everywhere worth visiting – meaning we were able to cram in as much as possible. We always joke about how I organise everything, so the fact he did this by himself, leaving me with nothing to do except step back and absorb it all – is quite something. I kid you not, despite a brief sit down on a rock for fifteen minutes, we walked for eight solid hours. My feet now hate me. We spent the day winding in and out of the city’s streets, snapping photos everywhere we went. The architecture there is absolutely incredible, I had no idea it was such a beautiful place. Fellow bloggers will know what I mean when I say it was a totally ‘blog-worthy’ location.

Not only that – but the air around us consistently smelt of the sweet crepes and Polser hot dogs – which yes, we couldn’t leave without trying. There’s something bizarrely uplifting about being greeted by such gorgeous scents as you walk around each corner, and it’s something I wish I could experience more often – that screams ‘I’m a foodie’ doesn’t it?

After visiting a few of the iconic landmarks that Copenhagen is home to, such as The Little Mermaid, Nyhavn and Amalienborg Palace – we finished up in an Italian restaurant called Vesuvio of Copenhagen. The calzone that I ordered not only fell over each side of my plate by about five inches, but it was absolutely to die for. Towards the end, I hit that familiar ‘cheese wall’ which left me shuffling back to the train station in some form of carb induced coma. Excuse me whilst I move to Italy to forever indulge in their exquisite dining specialities…

We spent our last couple of hours trawling around Duty Free at Copenhagen Airport – trying to resist buying everything from MAC and Origins, before jumping back on our little EasyJet plane. As sad as I was to return home, we managed to create some amazing memories during our nineteen hour return trip – and to be honest, by the time we got home I definitely needed my bed. As I’m writing this it’s 3pm on Sunday and despite having showered, I’m back in my pyjamas with my feet up – eyeing up what’s leftover from the giant Millie’s Cookie sat in my kitchen. Sometimes you just can’t beat a day of doing nothing.

Thank you to my one and only for being such a star and arranging the best surprise ever!


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