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I achieved quite a lot with my fitness goals last year, the targets I reached were considerably higher than when I attempted them in 2013 which shows noticeable progress.  This year however, it’s time to smash it. I feel that now I know a lot more, not just about fitness and the best way to go about becoming healthier, but also about my own body. I now know what I am capable of and what works best for me.

I don’t know about you, but fitness tech is serious motivation. I spent all of last year wishing I knew what calories I’d burnt during my workouts and how much of a typical daily goal for the average woman I had conquered. In January 2014 I discovered the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor, and I instantly wished I’d heard of it before so that I could have put it on my Christmas list as sadly I didn’t earn enough to justify buying one. Though this year I was prepared. I had a little look at their website to check what they had in stock, and I came across the new Polar Loop. This product was ideal for me as I wanted something small and comfortable to keep on my wrist, as supposed to the larger appearance of the FT4 Heart Rate Monitor.

Lucky for me, Santa granted my wish and ever since I’ve been having an insane amount of fun with this activity tracker. I can view my steps, calories burnt, activity percentage carried out and activity suggestions to reach full percentage to name but a few features. I check my statistics either on the Loop itself, or via Bluetooth update on the Polar Flow iPhone app where I can see what I’ve achieved in a more in depth format. Unfortunately you need to purchase the separate Heart Rate Sensor to view your heart rate information, which is something I am considering doing, but for now the Polar Loop is perfectly suited to my needs. Oh, and did I mention it’s totally waterproof? I’m looking forward to my first post Christmas workout on Monday to view my progress, and I have no doubt that it’ll aid me throughout 2015 in hitting my fitness goals.

Here’s to a fit and healthy year, who’s with me?


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