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As I mentioned in my last post, 2016 was a great year, and so being ever the optimist, I want to make sure that 2017 lives up to my (admittedly high) expectations. For the first year in several, we don’t have any home related plans, so that leaves plenty of room for making new memories and making progress in other areas.

Goal No. 1

To travel more. Even if it’s a day trip to the beach, I want to experience more of the world. In 2015 we visited Dubai, Australia and Bali, and in 2016 we visited Switzerland and Greece. This morning we booked Mexico for July 2017. I’m so, so excited about this because I’ve wanted to go to Mexico for a few years now, and it turns out that excessive searching and scrolling of the internet can land you a pretty good deal. Bring on the pool-side margaritas and late night beach strolls! Mexico aside, I’d love to travel down to Cornwall for a few days, and perhaps head somewhere a little colder in the winter months for a long weekend. Wherever we go will be a bonus, travel is travel at the end of the day, and it’s not as if I’m going to run out of options – ever.

Goal No. 2

To take my fitness up a notch. 2016 was the year I finally got to grips with my diet and training, and I managed to lose eleven pounds and over thirteen inches in three months by completing¬†The Body Coach’s 90 Day Plan, which meant I could finish the year on a total high. So what’s next? Well I’m happy with my weight, so now it’s time to shed the last bit of fat and begin to build some muscle. Don’t worry, I’m not talking full body builder mode, but I do want to achieve that ‘lean’ look by the time we go to Mexico, ideally. I’ve been back on the health wagon for a week now after having one week off to enjoy the festivities, and honestly, I’m loving it. Nothing beats waking up every day, feeling healthy, and looking forward to your workout. For the girl who used to back out of P.E. at every opportunity, this is quite a transformation.

Goal No. 3

To learn more about photography, and in turn make more time for blogging. I love photography but I’m nowhere near the level I’d like to be at, so that’s something for me to focus on this year. Pairing with photography, this little website could use more activity, and so I hope that I’m able to up the content in both quality and quantity, and perhaps arrange to attend a few more blogging events along the way. The blog community is gigantic, and there’s always room for improvement, so I have no reason not to get stuck in and see what I can achieve by the end of the year. This adorable pink ‘Daydreamer’ diary that I received for Christmas is perfect for planning my year of content. I’m already looking forward to blogging about Mexico and more fitness related topics, as holidays and health are two things I’m hugely passionate about!

Goal No. 4

To chill the hell out. Every year I find I get more and more stressed, which takes its toll on well, every other aspect of my life. I asked for this book for Christmas after hearing such great reviews. It has a questionable title, granted, but the moral of the book is actually quite inspiring, supposedly. Once I’ve read it, I’ll give you my verdict. I may only be twenty-two, but I’m already realising that life really is too short to dwell on such constant negativity.

Goal No. 5

To say yes. Not to everything, of course, but I’ve spent a lot of my life saying no to things that aren’t considered ‘the norm’ for me. Countless times I’ve turned things down out of fear of the unknown, which seems to trigger some kind of strange anxiety. I’m not going to be saying yes to things that are totally out of my comfort zone, that’d be idiotic, but once again, life is too short, and I want to get to thirty and think “wow, my twenties were seriously amazing”.

Whilst I have plenty more goals in other areas, these are five that really stand tall above the rest. So far, so good, 2017. Let’s see how we can make you even better.


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