Every year I sit down and write a physical list of the things I want to achieve in the coming year, like a lot of other people do. Sometimes I achieve the goals, sometimes I don’t, but one thing I’ve noticed is that every year my goals are exactly the same. To travel more, to be fitter, to be more productive. They’re just recycled goals that are a bit more intense. So this year I want to set more specific goals that I can’t duck out of and ignore. Here are a few key ones.

To go to three new destinations

Usually I say ‘to travel more’, but this year I’m setting myself the target of going to three new places. They don’t even have to be abroad, I just want to explore somewhere different, and I know I’ve not seen even a fraction of the UK yet. That said, one of the trips will be abroad, because we just booked a trip to the Dominican Republic for May! After Mexico last year I can’t wait for another ten days of Caribbean beach life. If you’ve got any tips of what to do whilst we’re there, let me know! In terms of other holidays, I’d love to see Barcelona and Edinburgh, but we’ll have to see how the year goes I guess. For now I’ll aim high.

To unfollow a lot of people on social media

Bit of a weird one, but I spent so much of 2017 looking at ‘those’ Instagram accounts and wondering why I’m not as skinny/pretty/rich/popular/fashionable/talented (the list goes on) as them. Comparison is the thief of joy, so why am I spending my free time analyzing the lives of those who probably Photoshop most of what they put out on social media? At some point this January I’m going to hit ‘unfollow’ on a number of profiles, and instead hit ‘follow’ on the accounts that bring some sort of value to my life. For example, travel bloggers who post insane photos of my dream destinations, fitness bloggers who promote amazing messages and most importantly — the people who around me, who I actually know and care about. What a revelation.

To get a new car

This won’t be of interest to literally anyone, but I want to buy a new car this year. I’ve had mine for a few years now and having worked my way up two steps on the career ladder since buying the one I have, I feel it’s time to treat myself to something a little snazzier. Something with Bluetooth and aircon would be great, because there’s only so much longer I can listen to the same CDs over and over again and the thought of another summer in that sizzling little Picanto isn’t exactly filling me with joy.

To stop trying to achieve unrealistic body goals

This sounds a bit brutal but I always, always find myself worrying about not being slim enough on holiday. And what I say slim, I mean really slim. To be honest, if I could look like Emily Ratajkowski or Kendall Jenner I’d be over the moon, but realistically I’m 5ft3 with curves that have a mind of their own and a stomach that bloats after eating literally anything that’s not salad, so actually I just need to set myself some more realistic targets for once. This doesn’t mean I can’t get aim to get slimmer, it just means that maybe I should focus more on my health and fitness abilities than stripping back every single ounce of body fat. I’ve tried cutting out all the foods I love and I’ve tried doing exercise that is meant to be “the only answer to success”, but I’m yet to achieve and maintain said success, so screw it. 2018 is the year for a new approach. I’m not exactly sure what that is yet, but I guess  pairing a healthy balanced diet and (semi) enjoyable workouts with a more relaxed attitude towards results is a good place to start. Even if I don’t look quite as good as I’d hope to by summer, at least I’ll be sane and happy. 

To save £3000

Instead of just ‘saving’, I want to actually save an amount. £3,000 would be great. To do that I only need to put away £250 per month, which is doable, right? I want to save because in the next two years, we want to move into our first house. We love our apartment, but we’re only two years in and we’re already outgrowing it. Before Christmas I jumped the gun a bit and started planning a move for as soon as possible, but I quickly realised that wasn’t going to happen, so instead we remortgaged and got rid of our Help to Buy loan so that whatever we make on this place when we do sell it, is ours. I’d love to spend all my money on travel, but a house is one of those important adult goals that I don’t want to ignore. If we can both save £3000, plus what we’ve already got, I feel like we could be onto something.

Now those are some goals and resolutions that I can work with! I’ve had the laziest few weeks ever which I’m so over now, so today is the day I start putting all of these things into action. Happy New Year!


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