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The amount I’ve put my hair through in recent years with bleaching, colouring and styling is probably why I now struggle with keeping a good colour and nice, neat ends. I’d love to go back to my natural colour but sadly after one too many salon appointments, that’s not going to happen. Instead, the best I can do is treat it as well as possible, with the help of a few key products.

Heat Protector Spray

I used to use this religiously, but after running out a year or two ago, I never replaced it. I have no idea whether or not this product actually does protect your hair, but I’d like to think it does, and the smell alone makes it worth using. I popped the Kérastase Discipline Fluidissime Spray on my Christmas list as it’s a bit nicer than any one that I’d probably pick up for myself out of convenience during a Boots trip. This smell is incredible, no surprise there, but the sheen that it gives my hair is stunning. Particularly when used with my new hair tool (post to follow soon!).

Hair Balm

If I’m being totally honest, I’ve never looked at hair balm and though “I need that in my life”, but after receiving this for Christmas I’m actually really pleased that I’ve had the chance to try it. Thicker than an oil, this balm by Percy & Reed is great for changing up your hair care products, which is something I love doing. Less is more with this though, don’t cake it on like I did and then have to brush the majority out. Lesson learned.

Hair Oil

The holy grail of hair products, for me at least. I used to use Moroccan Oil as though it was pouring from the tap, but after hearing great things about the Kérastase brand, I decided to give their Elixir Ultime Hair Oil a go. Everything about this product is beautiful, from the packaging, to the smell, to the finish it gives my hair. I don’t want to over-use this like I have with the Moroccan and Argan oils in the past, but this will definitely remain my top hair care staple for the foreseeable future.


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