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As you’ll know if you read my review of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, I don’t like to leave the house without applying some kind of product to them. I used to get them tinted and threaded every month religiously, but because I’m trying to cut back on certain things (basically so I can splash out on other beauty treatments and more makeup guilt free), this means I have to attempt to tame them on my own. Despite having been told by several beauty therapists that I have “nice, thick eyebrows”, that’s not enough to convince me to head out with naked brows.

I loved my Brow Wiz Pencil to death but it didn’t last me long at all, so I decided to try out Dipbrow Pomade instead as the pot is filled to the brim with product. Although it’s trickier to apply as you haven’t got it built into an applicator, the coverage is insane and it genuinely lasts throughout the entire day. I love both ABS brow products for different reasons, but after making a few school girl errors with this one, I thought I’d share a few top tips with you.


I currently have medium-ish brown hair, and as my roots are only going to continue to shoot through, I figured that the shade ‘Medium Brown’ was a good call. Nope. It’s way, way too dark for both my hair and complexion, so I’d seriously recommend choosing the perfect match, and then dropping down a shade or too. If you only apply a tiny amount you can get away with it, but perfectionist over here likes to pile it on, leaving me looking a little clown-like.


I grabbed any old angled brush I could find and needless to say, it’s not working for me. I definitely need to invest in a brush that’s more angled and rigid to get that perfect arch! Anastasia Beverly Hills actually have a brush for this exact purpose, which you can find on Beauty Bay for £13, so I’ll most likely order myself one next time I need a few bits from there.


Relating back to tip number one, go easy on the application. This product comes up extremely thick which is great for durability, but not so much for the finished look. I’ve got into a bad habit of rushing my brows before work, and then finding I’ve got one thicker than the other, or god forbid even a stray line sitting nowhere near my actual eyebrow. Think minimal, and gradually add more as and when you feel you need to.

I hope these tips help any of you who’re also new to this “brow game” thing. Let me know what you think of Dipbrow Pomade, too!



Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade


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