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Easter is a fantastic festival, not only because of all the family gatherings and extensive amount of chocolate, but because it allows office workers like myself to have four solid days of relaxation. My week began pretty great as on Monday I bought a new car. It’s something I’ve been pondering over for a while now as of course, money is always a worry, however after a lot of thought it made sense to get my butt in gear and sort it all out before I had a mortgage and various house hold bills looming. Despite it all being incredibly exciting, selling my current car has not been as easy as I thought. After an offer for part exchange that can only be referred to as daylight robbery, I took on the challenge of privately selling it. Long story short, I think I’ll stick with part exchange in the future. Far too much faff.

So aside from eagerly awaiting news on selling my car all day yesterday, I made these mega cute Easter cakes with my Mum and scheduled a couple of blog posts, something of which I’d not been able to do all week with the various car related shenanigans that took place. Don’t get me wrong, I adore healthy food and much prefer to nourish my body with greens and what not, but when there are Mini Eggs and Hot Cross Buns lurking in the cupboards, they’re going to get eaten. Life is already flashing by, and I refuse to not enjoy the good food that comes with it from time to time, but by following these three steps you can easily make Easter that little bit less calorific…

1. When making these adorable Easter Nest cakes, or similar treats, use dark instead of milk chocolate to help reduce some of those dreaded calories and sugar content.

2. Avoid binge eating. Trust me, I would like nothing more than to sit in bed all day Sunday scoffing Easter Eggs, but in reality I’d feel sick, sluggish and generally awful. Spreading your Easter treats across your allocated cheat meals over the next few weeks/months won’t badly affect the progress you’ve made. Plus, sugar makes you crave more sugar. So eating tons of it in one go will keep you wanting more and more, even if your stomach hurts so much you can’t move. Gross.

3. Work it off. Whether you head out for a jog or to the gym, anything will help. The more effort you put in, the less guilty you’ll need to feel. Today involves a huge family buffet celebrating my Nan & Grandad’s 60th Anniversary, so I’ve already been to the gym this morning to make sure that I have a few spare calories to tackle the lunchtime spread with later on.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter and bank holiday weekend! What’s everyone got planned?



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