Remember my “long overdue fitness update” in January? I said February would be my month. It wasn’t. Neither was March. If there was an award for procrastinating to avoid getting fit I’d win it hands down, but then if there was an award for starting again I’d probably win that too, because let’s be honest this isn’t exactly the first (or fifth) time I’ve written a ‘I got fat and now I’m being healthy again’ post is it?

The Body Coach bod might be gone (RIP hun) and I’ve definitely lost sight of a healthy lifestyle, but it’s not all bad because I’m close enough to my old figure to just about claim it back and I’ve spent long enough learning how to be healthy to know how to do it. So, in the scarily short seven-week run up to our holiday, Darryl and I have decided to take this fitness stuff seriously and give it all we’ve got, starting with four simple adjustments.

Adios junk food

I strongly live by the mentality of ‘eat everything in sight and then start fresh’. So that’s what I did. Well some of it is still lingering, but Darryl has kindly hidden it from me so I’m not tempted to throw in the towel. For me a clear fridge is a clear mind (is that a thing?) so by the end of the day on Sunday I had cupboards full of fresh produce, healthy meals prepped for work and no danger snackage in sight. Always always always do this before you attempt to be healthier, because if you’re anything like me you’ll be setting yourself up for failure from the get go.

Ready set goals

Anywhere between six and eight weeks is a good amount of time to work with. It’s long enough to make a change but short enough to stick to. As I said I have seven weeks, and trust me I’m not setting any silly targets of shedding a stone or two in that time. I’ve done that before and unless you enjoy being miserable, it’s not worth the sacrifices. By the end of these seven weeks I just want to fit comfortably in my clothes again, feel like I have control over my diet and gain back a little bit of confidence. That’s not much to ask is it?

Stop pigging

I hate hate hate tracking calories but do you know what, it’s the only thing that works for me and so many others, and if you don’t go overboard with it then it isn’t too annoying. In the past I’ve slashed my calories way too much, but having learned from my mistakes this time I’ve just knocked a few hundred off my previous maintenance calories to give me a target of 1500 kcals per day. This should supposedly help me lose around 1lb per week, not that I’ll know because I don’t actually weigh myself, but I’ll be looking out for changes in the mirror. I’m also not cutting anything out of my diet, I’m just making better choices which is pretty easy because I enjoy eating healthy food.

Move your peach

This is where it all seems to go wrong for people. Please don’t feel pressured by what you see on the internet or read about in magazines! Start slow and do not over-complicate it. worst nightmare is spending seven days a week in the gym doing a ton of cardio or mega heavy weights, so instead I’ve set myself the following plan which I know is sustainable, and it hits my goals of fat loss and toning. I mean what’s the point in doing something that a) you won’t enjoy and b) won’t really get you want you want? Pointless AF. If I do more than this then great, but if not, at least I can go to sleep at night knowing that I’ve done something to make a decent amount of difference:

1 x 20-30 minute run

3 x 30 minute full body weight circuits with a 10-20 minute cardio finisher depending on time. I basically pick five upper body exercises using weights, do each one for 40 seconds with a 20 second rest and repeat 3 times totaling 15 minutes. I then do the same for my lower body.

Optional: 30-60 minute walk if the sun comes out at the weekend

“Your diet is responsible for 80% of your success and the other 20% is down to exercise. But that 20% is crucial.”

I heard a PT say this once and it stuck with me ever since. I never realised how important your food choices are before that, but also how important that bit of exercise is too. Pair them both together and be consistent with it, and how can you possibly go wrong?

So there we go, no more scary diet plans happening here, just basic changes that won’t turn me into a hangry nightmare of a girlfriend. A few final words of wisdom: do not panic. I spent all of last week panicking and it was a ginormous waste of time and energy. Just take a step back, assess what you want and go for it. You have nothing to lose.


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