5-Reasons-To-Up-Your-Water-Intake-Brita 5-Reasons-To-Up-Your-Water-Intake-Brita-2 5-Reasons-To-Up-Your-Water-Intake-Brita-3 5-Reasons-To-Up-Your-Water-Intake-Brita-4 5-Reasons-To-Up-Your-Water-Intake-Brita-5A month ago this is the kind of post that needed to be pushed my way. I used to drink an abysmal amount, probably not much more than 500 ml per day, which is actually horrifying to me now. Despite desperately wanting to change my ways when it came to hydration, I couldn’t bring myself to walk over to the tap once in a while and fill up my glass. Laziness at its finest, right? I’ve always massively envied those who could drink endless water, but I never really made the effort to be that person.

During my post-Christmas detox I made a promise to myself that I’d at least attempt to drink more during January to see whether I could stick at it, and so I went out and bought this cute little Brita Fill and Go water bottle on sale as I loved the thought of fresh, filtered water. 

This bottle comes with four filters, one of which you place in the lid area before use. They recommend you change the filter every week, but I’m extending this slightly as I can’t justify buying new filters that often as they’re not too cheap. The other great feature is the straw. At first thought it was a little bit odd as surely you’d just drink from it like you would any other bottle (though can remove the straw if you want to), but the straw is actually the best bit. 

With the straw I find myself constantly sipping away, sometimes without even realising, as I do if I get a drink from a fast food restaurant. This means I’m drinking far, far more than I used to! To be precise, I’ve actually been drinking between two and three litres per day. Pretty good right? The difference I can feel in myself in a matter of weeks is unreal, so naturally it had to be blogged! If I can convince any of you who don’t drink enough to turn it around, then well, mission accomplished.


Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t want youthful skin for as long as humanly possible? You can spend all the money in the world on beauty products, and whilst some will help, at the end of the day it’s water that will give you that desired soft, supple skin. When people tell you you’re glowing, without the help of a three layers of foundation and highlighter, then you’ve cracked it.


Whether you want to lose ten pounds, define those hard-earned abs or simply feel more comfortable in your clothes, water is your best friend. Think of it this way, has anyone ever said “water is bad for you”? No. And no one ever will. Healthy meals, challenging workouts and plenty of fluids is your answer to that ultimate dream body.


Sipping water throughout the day, alongside those healthy meals and snacks, will keep you feeling fuller for longer. I’m not saying it’ll eliminate your chocolate cravings, it won’t, but it’ll definitely stop you running to the fridge every half an hour. I’ve seriously re-jigged my diet over the past two weeks and I’m now spending a lot less time thinking about food whilst at the office.


Not only does water flush those toxins right out, but it generally improves your health, mood and level of productivity. Correct me if I’m wrong, but who would say no to feeling great every single day, all because of a nice glass (or six) of water? For such a simple thing, you can feel amazing.


This might not be one that everyone immediately thinks of, but try to be that person that is a healthy inspiration to others. Whether it’s your colleagues, your little sister or your friends, encouraging those around you to jump on the hydration band wagon is definitely an admirable quality – so long as you don’t preach it to the high heavens of course.

As I write this I’m sat drinking another glass, which now totals 2,200 ml for the day. I’m also eating the last little bit of Ben and Jerry’s in the tub to celebrate the fact it’s Friday, but hey, at least I’m hydrated…

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