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So, it finally happened. After a long, stressful, and extremely testing eleven months, two weeks ago we finally got the keys to our new apartment! I cannot put into words how much I will not miss those “delayed completion” emails, or the feeling of what can only be described as a minor heart attack when we get a call the night before we move to say it’s potentially not going to happen until the following week, though I guess these are the kind of things that we unknowingly signed up for when we bought a new build property!

All of that aside, we’re now in, and that’s all that matters. So, apologies for the lack of blogging over the past two weeks, but if I’ve not been working, un-boxing my belongings or building furniture, I’ve been cleaning like a mad lady (skirting boards and everything) or awaiting visits from various tradesmen. Oh, and I’ve only just got wifi, which is a pretty big contender in my lack of internet presence… cheers BT for that one.

The next couple of weeks will still be pretty hectic with building yet more furniture, and most probably more late night trips to IKEA and Argos, but soon we’ll be able to come home from work and do nothing but appreciate our beautiful home. Turning this apartment into the perfect little space for us two is so much fun, even if my “is it bloggable” head does tend to take over a tad too often!

Unsurprisingly, no longer driving home from work to either my mum or Darryl’s house is a pretty strange feeling, but I think it’s fair to say that this new, fresh chapter in both our lives is long overdue! Thank you to everyone who helped us with the move, and to Crest Nicholson for being so fantastic since we’ve moved in. Time to crack open the prosecco, once again!


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