My last fitness post talking all about motivation for the year ahead (which I very much still stand by) was only shared a couple of weeks ago, but the last fitness post shared before that was published on 28 September 2017. That’s a long time for a “fitness blogger” not to blog about fitness. In case you’ve not guessed, that’s because I got really lazy.

It got me wondering how I let my healthy routine slip, seeing as I lived and breathed it prior to Mexico, the point where it all came to a halt. How is it that someone with one gym membership (soon to be two), home fitness equipment, access to a whole host of online workouts, three motivational fitness trackers, a heap of nice workout clothes, and even a career in the fitness industry struggles to get up and move and eat healthy?

What’s more annoying is that I worked my ass off to get good results on The Body Coach’s 90 Day SSS Plan. And do you know what, still to this day those are my most popular blog posts by a mile. Now I can’t help but feel like a fraud knowing that I threw it all away. Yeah yeah yeah we all need a break, but seriously, seven months is milking it.

So why now? Was it the message I got the other day from a stranger asking “how I did so well on the 90 Day SSS Plan” whilst inhaling (another) big fat pizza and ton of chocolate? Is it that I’m consciously breathing in when I’m in public in case someone thinks my bloated stomach is actually pregnancy? (It’s not). Or was it the realisation that in four months time I’ll be on a beach in the Caribbean? I guess all of them, and more.

I’m a firm believer of needing to be in the right mind-set to be successful and up until this weekend, I really wasn’t. But something triggered in my brain on Friday and from that point on, I’ve been living a balanced healthy lifestyle. The key word here is balanced, because for once I’m not cutting out all sugar, carbs, etc. It might take me longer to get back to a healthy state but it’s worth it to avoid going back to fearing ‘bad foods’. That was not a fun time.

I know you’re probably thinking that this all sounds pretty negative, but the way I see it, my choice to make a positive change for my health says more about me than the break itself. At least I finally acknowledged it, right? So screw January. I missed the bandwagon for the first time in years, but it doesn’t mean 2018 can’t be healthy! I’ll just make February my month instead…


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