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Last week the popular food delivery service commonly known as Deliveroo launched in Milton Keynes. I’ve never ordered via Deliveroo so the concept of the company was all a little new to me, but my initial impression of what they do was intriguing. If you’re not aware, Deliveroo process your order from your favourite food joints, pick it up, and deliver it via bike within an average time of 32 minutes. Not bad if you ask me! I was contacted to see if I’d like to review the delivery service and of course, being a huge foodie, I couldn’t say no!

Due to the recent launch there are only a handful of restaurant options for you to order your food from at this moment in time, however Deliveroo have explained to me that they will be expanding in the very near future… let’s all pray for Nandos being added to the list, shall we? Despite this they currently offer a respectable range of Italian, African, American, Indian and Asian cuisines from the likes of the ever-popular Bella Italia, Byron Burgers, Wagamama’s and more, so there really is something for everyone.

Unfortunately with their new presence in MK it meant that the area I live in isn’t covered by the Deliveroo delivery drivers at the moment, so as a one-off we had to order our food to Darryl’s work in central Milton Keynes. There was a little miscommunication with Deliveroo at first as the options we’d chosen from the menu hadn’t provided us with the relevant topping/flavour/filling choices at the checkout, however this was quickly sorted by the Deliveroo team through one phone call. Aside from that, the only other minor negative we experienced was the fact that the food arrived twenty minutes late. Fortunately though, both the online team and the delivery driver himself were lovely and more than polite from start to finish.

We decided to order our food from Maaya, an Indian restaurant which is also relatively new to Milton Keynes, located in the Hub. I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews of Maaya so we were both excited to sample the food for ourselves, with the added bonus of being in the comfort of our own living room. We ordered Coconut Rice, a Cheese Naan Bread, Poppadoms (which came with four different chutneys) and Methiwala Sag Aloo as side dishes, alongside Tandoori Chicken as a main. We thought this would just about be enough for both of us as we do tend to go big on takeaways, but on arrival the portions were actually far larger than we’d expected… totally not complaining!

Overall the food was absolutely incredible and it was quite possibly the best Indian meal we’ve eaten, so thank you to Maaya for that. Overall our order came to just slightly over £22, which is extremely reasonable for the amount of food we received, let alone the excellent quality! Just fyi, this fee includes the compulsory £2.50 Deliveroo charge, however you can also add on a driver tip if you wish.

Once Deliveroo begin delivering to our estate we will be straight onto the free App to order more Friday night treats, I’ve got my eye on Byron Burgers next! Thank you to Deliveroo and Havas PR UK for allowing us to sample this fantastic food delivery service.

This post was in collaboration with Deliveroo an Havas PR UK, however all opinions are my own.


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