I’m a little bit obsessed with buying health foods, but I’m always reluctant to pay an unjustifiable price when it comes to such small snacks. I love the Nakd and Kind ranges for snack bars, and Hippeas and Snack a Jacks for savoury snacks, but they all come at a cost, and a big one at that, unless you’re lucky enough to find them on offer. It doesn’t just stop at snacks either, if I set so much as one foot into Holland & Barrett you can guarantee that ten minutes later I’ll be walking out with three peanut butter jars, protein bars and some strange sort of seed or powder. My cupboards are starting to burst at the seams.

Anyway, I’ve really seen and heard a lot about Aldi’s new Wholefoods range, and being a total magpie to healthy stuff, it caught my attention. We used to shop at Aldi every week, but now we get our shopping online with Tesco as time-saving strategy, so our not-so-local Aldi became a distant memory for a few months. Why did I leave it so long! I went a couple of weekends back and I couldn’t believe how many raw and paleo bars they had, as well as a ton of ‘health powders’ and various healthy baking ingredients. Needless to say I got a bit excited and started chucking various packets and boxes in our basket, along with some fresh fruit, and darted for the tills before I could set my sights on anything else.


Flavoured with chilli and lime, they have a bit of an oriental vibe going on. Pea snacks sound really odd, but they’re advertised as a great protein snack – and totally gluten free, so good for those with an intolerance! There are a few marginally questionable ingredients, but as an occasional savoury snack, they seem to be a good option. Better still, they actually taste pretty good. Here are the macros:

88 kcals 2.9g fat 10g carbs 0.6g sugar 4.2g protein 2.6g fibre

£1.29 per 6 pack multi-pack


I’m a huge fan of cacao powder and use it several times a week at least, but it is pricey. Spirulina and maca powders are two things I’ve seen and wanted to pick up, but haven’t because of the cost. Why do I want them so much? Well, spirulina is a superfood that gives your body plenty of protein and vitamin B12, which helps your immune system. And maca powder is a source of Riboflavin, otherwise known as vitamin B2, which helps reduce fatigue. Adding a scoop of these to your smoothies will do wonders for your body, supposedly. I’m yet to try these out. Here’s what you’ll get from them:

10g Spirulina: 33.6 kcals 0.1g fat 1.3g carbs <0.01g sugar 6.6g protein 0.51g fibre

15g Maca: 49 kcals 0.1g fat 9.1g carbs 5.7g sugar 1.5g protein 2.7g fibre

£2.49 per 100g bag


I love chia seeds. I literally put them in anything I possibly can! Yoghurt, smoothies, porridge, you name it, these little black seeds are in there. You can’t taste them so they might seem pointless, but they’re an amazing source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which according to new research, is something we all need a bit more of. They’re not particularly low in calories, but it’s worth it for the nutritional value that they offer. 15g provides you with the following macros:

64 kcals 4.2g fat 1.3g carbs <0.5g sugar 2.9g protein 4.9g fibre

£1.25 per 200g bag


I bought three of these in the Berry, Banana and Cacao flavours. Advertised as gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and packed with protein, they seem to be a pretty good option for snacking on-the-go. While the ingredients aren’t squeaky clean, they’re miles better than what you’d see in the usual supermarket bars, so that’s always a good sign. Taste wise, they have a slightly gritty texture, but the flavours are really good. The banana one tasted like Nesquick! Cacao was definitely my favourite though, obviously. So, what about the macros?

Banana: 169 kcals 0.8g fat 25g carbs 16g sugar 11g protein 10g fibre

Berry: 168 kcals 1g fat 25g carbs 16.6g sugar 10.5g protein 9.4g fibre

Cacao: 190 kcals 2.9g fat 28.8g carbs 190.4g sugar 10.5g protein 4.1g fibre

49p per bar


These bars come in Macadamia & Coconut, and Brazil Nut & Cherry. How good do they sound!? Paleo bars are a huge trend in Australia, and slowly but surely, they’re making their way over here. I’ve seen a few in Waitrose, but at £2 per bar I’ve not plucked up the courage to splash out on them just yet! These bars are gluten free and cold pressed, with nothing but real, whole foods and almond oil in their ingredient list. Though small, both of these were a nice afternoon snack. They definitely have that ‘raw’ taste but I wouldn’t say it was a bad thing, they still taste good. The Brazil Nut & Cherry was the best in my opinion! Let’s take a look at their macros:

Macadamia & Coconut:213 kcals 12.2g fat 19.5g carbs 15.9g sugar 3.4g protein 5g fibre

Brazil Nut & Cherry: 207 kcals 11.3g fat 20.4g carbs 16.8g sugar 3.5g protein 4.2g fibre

49p per bar or £1.99 per box of 5


These bars are ideal for when you want to up the healthy fats in your diet. Not only are they gluten free, they’re also raw and cold pressed, which means they contain no added sugars of preservatives! These bars literally just consist of dates and cashews, so they’re pretty basic as food bars go. These weren’t my favourite bars out of the entire haul, but they weren’t bad. They just lacked a bit of flavour. Here’s what’s in each bar:

158 kcals 8g fat 16g carbs 12g sugar 4.1 protein 2.7g fibre

£1.99 per box of 5


These bars might be small, and full of sugar, but at least they’re natural sugars. As they’re cold pressed and raw, there’s nothing dodgy going on in the ingredients section. Hurrah once again for no added sugars of preservatives! These are much yummier that the cashew ones, probably because the cherry makes them quite tangy. That said, I’m not sure I’d have these often as they’re really small and have such a high sugar content – even if it is all natural. Here’s what’s in each bar:

94 kcals <0.5g fat 21g carbs 18g sugar 0.8g protein 2.6g fibre

£1.49 per box of 5


I already have a stash of almonds and cashews, but I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a bag of walnuts for a while. Nuts are so tasty on top of porridge or with yoghurt and berries, and they’re obviously a great option for getting those healthy fats into your diet, providing you limit your portion of course! I’ve been crumbling these up and putting them on top of porridge lately which is something I can see myself doing for months on end before getting bored! Here are the macros for an average 30g serving:

208 kcals 20g fat 1.8g carbs 0.8g sugar 5.1g protein 1.8g fibre

£1.29 per 130g bag

There’s a lot more I could have bought, but I didn’t want to go too crazy for the first shop! I’m sure I’ll be back as soon as my supplies begin to run out. Is there anything else I should try? Let me know!


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