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Three words sum up April for me: chocolate, stress and spreadsheets. It began with me consuming copious amounts of Easter eggs until I felt on par with fellow beached whales, and it ended with me buried somewhere beneath countless lists and spreadsheets, somewhat attempting to contain my rapidly rising stress levels. Who said houses and mortgages were a piece of cake? Oh, yep. No one. No one ever said that.

Since, fortunately things have calmed down. The chocolate is nowhere to be seen (perhaps because I ate it all), the spreadsheets have taken a back seat and the stress is on a minimal level. All of this is down to the fact that the property search has finally ended. Darryl and I have officially bought our first place together! After a reality check and a much needed bubble bath on Sunday, I wound down from the whirlwind that was the month of April by reflecting on what products/items I liked, loved and took with me everywhere.

Voss Artesian Still Water 

This little beauty goes with me everywhere. Although the original still water was consumed a fair while ago, this 375ml bottle is perfect for popping in your gym bag, on your desk at work, or simply in your handbag for that spontaneous shopping trip. Unlike the larger bottles, this smaller version means it doesn’t weigh you down. I learnt this the hard way by taking my fully filled 800ml bottle to the city center once. I don’t recommend it, unless you’re ok with having a dislodged shoulder afterwards. Drinking six of these each day will take you nicely over your daily recommended two litres of water.

Clarins Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Hurrah – an eye makeup remover that doesn’t sting and leave me puffy eyed and crying! Seriously, huge relief. I’d been using one by Simple and whilst it’s a fab product, it literally leaves my eyes streaming for a good 5-10 minutes after. Not only is this Clarins product great at doing its job, but the bubble filled sheer blue and white bottle is the sort that would scream at me from a shelf begging me to buy it. Well, it did in fact do exactly that, which is why it ended up on my Christmas list. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I had an inkling with this one – and I was right.

Primark Open Toe Shoes

I get through shoes like there’s no tomorrow, and whilst I’d much prefer to purchase an expensive OTT designer pair, it’s not good for my debit card and well – it’s not practical for work either. These strappy little black sandals cost me a whopping… £8. Not bad, right? To top it all off, they’re genuinely so comfortable to the point where I now wear them everywhere – rain or shine.

Silvikrin Classic Hairspray

I went through a period of time where I didn’t use hairspray at all, though recently I’ve been experimenting with hair styles a little more, allowing me to rediscover the brilliant product that is Silvikrin Classic Hairspray. I use the Secure Hold version that is a perfect balance of a strong hold, yet no noticeable crunchy bits of hair. You know what I’m talking about girls.

Newlook Heels

Nothing beats a classic pair of heels. I found these in the colour ‘stone‘ originally and knew I had to have them. They’re perfect for dressing up a casual tee and jeans. As heels go – they’re pretty comfortable, so I immediately went back and also bought the black pair to wear along with opaque tights for those smarter occasions on chillier days. With both pairs being completely affordable at £14.99 each, what are you waiting for?!

That just about sums up my April favourites! What products are you loving right now?



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