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Autumn is my absolute favourite season (Summer in England is kind of pathetic and Winter results in rain as supposed to snow, hence why it’s neither of those). There’s something about the crisp air in Autumn that makes it such a refreshing atmosphere!

Autumn favourite #1

I have an obsession with Starbucks that’s rapidly growing, I’m pretty sure most of the female race (and male too… don’t get me wrong) can totally relate. Autumn means the release of the PSL, aka the pumpkin spiced latte. Is this drink the definition of heaven? I think so. I’ve already had three and I intend to have many more. To try and make it a little healthier, I have skimmed milk and no cream. It’s the most warming drink ever ever ever and I highly recommend you ALL try one!

Autumn favourite #2

Neutral and berry coloured lipsticks. Makeup has always been a passion of mine (fact of the day: I’m a qualified Makeup Artist), and warm neutral and berry red lipsticks are my favourite. MAC have the most beautiful selection which I regularly browse in store, so my lipstick of the month is ‘Shy Girl’, £15.50 from MAC Cosmetics.

Autumn favourite #3

Flowers! Most people think of flowers being solely in spring and summer, however we have the most beautiful flower in my garden at the moment that had to feature in this post. I’ve also recently received two beautiful bunches of Roses and Choraliers from my lovely boyfriend that are such gorgeous Autumnal colours. Not only do they brighten up a room in your house, they smell pretty good too!

Autumn favourite #4

Fruity warming breakfasts such as oatmeal, honey and banana or banana and honey on whole meal toast. They are two seriously yummy ideas that take a matter of minutes to prepare! I occasionally mix it up a little and have the odd smoothie or egg on whole meal toast to avoid getting bored of having the same breakfast day after day.

I’ve had the best day with Darryl, he arranged a surprise day out that included all my favourite things. So sweet! I’m now cosied up in bed watching movies and editing blog posts, it’s the best way to spend a cold Autumnal afternoon!


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