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Breakfast used to consist of a sugary bowl of cereal, a mound of Nutella coated toast or simply nothing at all. Up until last year I had no knowledge of the importance of breakfast, let alone a nutritional one! When I began eating healthily, I discovered a whole range of simple and delicious breakfast ideas that weren’t going to blow you daily calorie allowance all in one go. Now I’m not the best cook, trust me, but last year when I first gave these pancakes a go I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. They looked relatively presentable and were unbelievably satisfying to eat – unlike the plain shredded wheat I used to eat with the intention of being healthy, which may as well have been part of a cardboard box.


Ingredients for 1 person


For the pancakes:

1 medium egg

1 banana

2tbsp oats

1/8tsp baking powder

1tsp organic no added sugar peanut butter

For the toppings:



3tbsp fat free Greek yoghurt

1tbsp maple syrup




1.   Peel the bananas, crack the eggs and blend all of the pancake ingredients until smooth and creamy.

2.   Spray your frying pan with a low calorie oil (I use Fry Light), once heated pour in a small to medium circular shaped amount of pancake mixture and fry on a low heat.

3.   Once browned on one side, flip and cook on the other side.

4.   Repeat this method until all of the pancake mixture has been used.

5.   Once cooked, add your toppings and enjoy!


Let me know if you try these banana nutty pancakes yourself, have a lovely Sunday!


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