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Bath & Body Works products always remind me of the holidays I had in America, where we’d go and stay with friends just outside of Chicago and regularly visit the store to stock up with the endless deliciously smelling liquids, creams and sprays before we headed back home. I haven’t been there since I was thirteen, but I still regularly browse their collections online. Though thanks to my lovely Dad and Stepmum, Amy, I won’t have to browse the internet for a while as a few of my Birthday presents came from Bath & Body Works following their recent holiday in the States.

I was always absolutely obsessed with the Winter Candy Apple Hand Soap, so to have a shiny new bottle of this heavenly stuff is fantastic. It smells like Christmas (you know the smell I’m referring to) and juicy red apples, which is the nicest combination you could imagine. I’m saving this one for when Darryl and I get our first place together, it’ll be nice to see in the big move with this little beauty.

Now for their Iced Gingerbread Hand Sanitiser which not only smells insane, but is actually really useful to me. I got ill around four times last year (which is really unlike me) and a family friend pointed out that it could in fact be the germs lurking within the gym that are doing it, and as I only started using a gym last year that would make total sense. Although there are facilities to clean the equipment after use, I know that not everyone uses it. Hand sanitisers are great anyway, but when they smell THIS good they are instantly even better. Plus, they got me a cute little holder for it so that I can tie it to my gym bag… what a good invention!

Their Fresh Sparkling Snow Hand Cream (which unfortunately I couldn’t find a link for) is gorgeous, I’ve recently really got into using hand creams as around winter my hands dry out so much. This hand cream smells amazing and after only a few times of using it, my hands are softer than ever!

Finally, I have their Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Room Spray (which again I couldn’t find a link for). You only need a small amount of this, but it’s perfect for the autumn/winter seasons when you have guests coming round. Your home will instantly smell delicious, which is bizarrely great. I’ll also save this one for mine and Darryl’s first home, when people come over they’ll begin craving all kinds of ‘fall’ scented goodies.

Does anyone else share my Bath & Body Works obsession?


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