This post is a little different to my usual travel and fitness topics, but with all of the blogger-related drama that’s gone on lately surrounding ‘who is better than who’ in this industry, I felt inspired to talk a little about how my outlook has changed since starting out, what I’ve learned from what I’ve seen on social media, and what direction this little website of mine is heading in.

When I first began blogging back in 2014, I looked at it in a way that perhaps everyone does when they start out. I wanted the views, the collaborations, the messages saying “oh my god I love your latest post”. I wanted to be ‘the next Zoella’, or someone similar, and I wanted it immediately. I was so impatient and always wondered why opportunities weren’t coming my way. I put the effort in, so why wasn’t I getting a return? How naive! As any blogger knows, you have to work yourself to the bone to have a chance in this industry, given that it’s so gigantic, and you have to be producing content that really hits the mark. From what I’ve seen, unless you’re producing vogue worthy photos and novel worth content, while attending every blogger and PR event under the sun, you might not be lucky enough to get that big break, especially not early on.

This ‘big break’ dream of mine used to grate on me every day, and even two years down the line I still had the same outlook. I’d moved on from my original aspirations slightly, but I had new goals. There were new people on the blogging scene who I wished to the death that I could be. Things had picked up slightly and I had more views and a small handful of collaborations coming in, but looking back I still see that girl who wanted to be the blogger rather than a blogger. The thing is, deep down I knew I wasn’t even meeting my own expectations, let alone everyone else’s, so what could I really expect? Nothing short of a miracle, really.

I don’t know why, but something clicked earlier this year. Maybe it’s because of what I see online every day, maybe it’s my own life experiences that have taught me some sort of lesson – who knows – either way my whole attitude towards blogging has changed. I no longer blog in a desperate attempt to ‘make it’, or to please the people who I know have the power to boost a blog up a peg or two on the social chain. Don’t get me wrong, a part of me will always hope that one day my blog will become my full time career, but it’s for different reasons now. It’s no longer about making money from flogging any old thing, or acting fake around people who intimidate me to try and become a part of their crowd. Now I’m just blogging for me, and anything that comes of it will be a bonus.

Why the change of heart? Three reasons. Firstly, being a big blogger looks bloody terrifying. Living in fear of being dropped by your readers at any moment, or having to pull yourself back up when yet another troll knocks you down is tough as hell. When you’ve made it, you have so much more responsibility. Your true ‘fans’ will love you to the death, but the haters will also make it their mission to drag you down to the ground. Secondly, I don’t want to be followed because I’m ‘that blogger’. I want to be followed because people love what I do. I say this because lately I’ve found myself following a lot of people who quite frankly are giving bloggers a bad name. A lot of us fall into this trap because it’s almost a trend to follow them, and that shouldn’t be the case. And last but not least, because blogging with no pressure is brilliant. While I’ve never disliked my blog, I did go through a period where I resented keeping it up to date because I didn’t feel passionate about what I was saying. If I didn’t like what I was posting, why should anyone else? For the first time since launching my blog I post about the things I love, not what I think other people will love, on a regular basis – and the fact that I now get more views than ever tells me that this new blogging style of mine is better for you guys too.

So yeah, maybe there’s more to it, and while I’m sure being respected at pro-level is crazy fun, but for now I’m just happy being exactly where I am. It’s a shame it took me almost three years to realise it, but hey, better late than never right. On that note, you might have noticed that my blog has changed a little bit. This new optimism of mine has led me to upgrade my blog slightly, and take my content in a whole new direction. No more desperate shopping trips trying to find things to blog about! Now, my content will predominantly be fitness, food, travel and lifestyle based. The four things that make me super happy.

Firstly I’ve adjusted my menu to make it easier than ever to find category-specific posts, so whatever you want to read about, you can find it at the click of a button. I’ve also added a few new categories, including travel destinations, travel accommodation reviews, travel tips and chat – and my personal favourites – a travel check list and bucket list. I’ve really got the travel bug at the moment, can you tell? This may or may not be of interest to people, but if you’re as nosey as I am when it comes to people’s holidays, then you might like to have a little scroll.

There will no doubt be new changes in the future, but for now, I’m really happy with everything. In fact, I’ve never been happier with blogging! I still have a load more Mexico content to come, and we head off on a city break next week so I’ll have plenty of new-ness then, too. If there’s anything in particular you want to see, let me know!

Wearing a Primark playsuit, H&M bag & KLARF watch


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