Pancakes for breakfast are the best thing since sliced bread in my opinion, and whilst these don’t quite compare to some of the mountainous pancake towers I’ve devoured in America in the past, I’m more than happy to cook up a batch and inhale my way through them on a chilled Sunday morning with Darryl. Pancakes are for life, not just for pancake day, after all.

I’ve tried mega healthy ones which are made with nothing more than banana, milk and egg, or oats, milk and egg, and once I even tried coconut flour, milk and egg (way too fine for pancakes!) – and whilst they still taste nice – nothing quite beats a good old fashioned pancake made with ‘proper’ flour. Ok, so I did use wholemeal flour which is a little healthier, and a sweetener substitute for sugar, but you wouldn’t know this based on the taste alone. Darryl is totally anti-wholemeal and despite being fully aware of the ingredients used, he still loved them. I’ll take that.


One Serving

1 large egg

1 tsp Xylitol (a healthier substitute for sugar)

75ml coconut, soya or almond milk

75g strong wholemeal flour

0.5 tsp cinnamon

0.5 tbsp baking powder

Approx. 360 kcals, 7g fat, 52g carbs & 16g protein


1 Combine all ingredients in a blender and blitz until smooth

2 Spray your frying pan with a low calorie oil spray and turn the hob to a medium heat

3 Once hot, pour in two evenly sized dollops of mixture (or more if they’ll fit!)

4 Wait for bubbles to appear and then flip each pancake

5 Fry for the same amount of time on the other side and place to one side

6 Repeat the process until you have used all of the mixture

7 Serve with fruit and pure maple syrup

Honestly, don’t just read this and scroll on, you need to try this pancakes. They were the lightest, fluffiest circles of heaven, and when coated in a generous drizzle of pure maple syrup, they went from a 10 to a 12. Definitely craving pancakes now. Let me know if you make them!


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