As much as I love making pancakes for breakfast at weekends, we recently invested in our very own waffle iron which has been a total game changer. I can’t believe it’s taken me twenty-two years to realise that I needed one of these bad boys in my life. Whilst this recipe is healthier that your average waffle, I’m not going to pretend it’s totally guilt-free. Some breakfast classics just shouldn’t be messed with and waffles is one of them. That said, I have managed to cut out a lot of the “bad stuff” to limit the calories, without comprising on taste. These waffles are just as fluffy, spongey and tasty as the rest of them. I have played around with recipes to try and make the perfect guilt-free waffle, but the results haven’t been good enough to rave about just yet. I did make a semi-successful one with literally just protein powder, egg and almond milk, but I needed about two litres of water to wash it down with, and even then I felt like I’d swallowed a wedge of polystyrene. It might have been diet friendly, but it didn’t even slightly compare to those made with real flour. Just don’t use coconut flour or you’ll be scraping a dense, waffley mess off the iron for hours.


Serves 1 / Makes 1 waffle

50g strong wholemeal flour

25g / 1 scoop vanilla whey protein

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp xylitol (fake sugar)

0.5 tsp vanilla extract

1 whisked egg

100 – 150 ml almond milk (depends on the size of your waffle iron)

Pure maple syrup and chopped fruit for toppings

(Coffee and orange juice optional, but recommended)

Tip: If you don’t have protein powder, just compensate with extra flour.


1 Blend all of the ingredients (except for the toppings) in a blender or mix in a bowl

2 Allow the waffle iron to heat up and pour the mixture across the waffle plate making sure that it’s completely covered

3 Close, wait until cooked (approx. 3 minutes) and serve with the syrup and chopped fruit

These really are the ultimate Sunday breakfast. I hope you enjoy them if you give the recipe a go! They might not be your usual indulgent luxury, but trust me, they’re not half bad for a slightly less calorific recipe. And if you’re really trying to save on calories then you could always share the waffle, but I don’t so I wouldn’t expect anyone else to either…


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