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Foundation has always been a key item in my makeup bag. Although I didn’t have terrible skin at school I had, and still have, various red and dark tones to my face that fortunately a good foundation can quickly sort. Though in my school years, I wasn’t prepared to pay more that £8 for foundation so I had to put up with patchy skin!

Now I prefer to pay a little more as I find that despite spending more, the foundation actually lasts far longer (my last one lasted me 5 months) making it worth while. I loved my previous Benefit foundation and actually intended on sticking with it, but typical me couldn’t resist trying a new brand once again. I spent a couple of weeks contemplating between buying Clinique Even Better or Nars Sheerglow, both of which I’ve heard great things about. I stood in House of Fraser for a good half an hour the other day trying to decide, whilst rapidly searching the internet to find out which one had the better reviews, but after careful consideration I decided that the Clinique foundation’s consistency and coverage would be a better match for my complexion.

Having had my colour matched, it instantly looked flawless and I was amazed. Given that the foundation is only £24.50 (and I had a £10 off voucher!), it was clear I had to give it a go. So far, I absolutely love it. You only need the tiniest amount each time you apply your makeup, and the coverage is exceptional. I think I could quickly fall in love with many more Clinique products, sorry debit card!


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