I never used to like coffee, but overtime I began to drink it more and more in a desperate attempt to enjoy a hot drink that wasn’t full of chocolately, marshmallowy goodness – damn you diet. Though what I didn’t realise is that coffee is actually quite addictive, and during my day at work in the office I often find myself scuttling off to the kitchen for a little pick-me-up drink.

Despite regularly turning to instant coffee when I’m feeling a little on the lethargic side, I find I quickly get sick of the taste of it. Starbucks, on the other hand, I could drink all day every day. Why? No doubt because of the sugary, calorific ingredients that they chuck into each drink. Though realistically, the sugary content of each cup alongside its extortionate price tage (£3.25 for a PSL are you kidding me!?) prevents me from enjoying coffee shop drinks too often.

Enter, Douwe Egberts. I was looking into flavoured instant coffees when my stepmum, Amy, recommended this well known brand. I went straight to Tesco on my lunch break and found that it was currently 50p off the usual £2.50 per pot price tag. £2.50 seemed expensive at first, but that’s actually the average price of a “non-specialty coffee” in Starbucks, but with the added benefit of it lasting for a good fifteen cups of coffee or so – depending on how much coffee you drink, of course.

I bought their Roasted Hazlenut flavoured coffee and went straight back to work to try my first mug, and it was seriously yummy. The only thing that made it different to a Starbucks, aside from the price, was the lack of sweetness – but I actually see that as a blessing. Sometimes the taste of their syrups are too much to bear, to the point where one day after drinking a Pumpkin Spiced Latte (aka my favourite drink in the world) that contains a horrendous 38g sugar, I actually found myself practically bouncing off the walls with a bad case of the shakes. In other words, too many of these drinks will not do you any favours.

This coffee won’t replace Starbucks trips altogether, but it will subside my daily flavoured coffee cravings and save me an awful lot of money by reducing my Starbucks visits to maybe once a week. I’m excited to try some of their other flavours!



Purchase Douwe Egberts Roasted Hazlenut Coffee on their website or from your local supermarket


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