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Spending a cosy December evening wrapped in a blanket with a candle or two burning away has, for a long time now, been one of my favourite Sunday treats. I realise how typically girly and cliché it sounds, but its little moments like these that we often take for granted. Spending time with your loved ones in the comfort of a beautifully decorated, warm home is the loveliest way to enjoy some down time amidst the mad rush of Christmas.

I’ve owned many candles over the years but Yankee Candle is a brand that I’ve always stuck by, to the point where I currently have six on my windowsill and three more in a box (because more than six on a single windowsill is excessive). I’ve also put multiple candles and diffusers on my Christmas list, because who doesn’t want a ton of them dotted around their home? Especially as when Darryl and I move into our apartment in February, I’m going to be obsessed with giving it that feminine touch and making it homely. Sorry Darryl.

Despite their incredible scent range, I often find that Yankee Candles don’t smell as strongly as others when they’re lit. Because of this, I’m actually tempted to branch out a little and try some new brands when I find I have a few pounds spare in the New Year, and brands including The White Company, Neom and Jo Malone are one hundred percent top of my list. My only “niggle” is their £30+ price tag, but as we all know, you have to pay the price for quality!

I’d love to discover other amazing candles or diffusers, so please recommend any that you love!


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