Despite shopping for all the normal house stuff when we moved into our apartment, I never really considered decorating the walls with anything because I knew that this wasn’t our ‘forever home’. I guess it kind of seemed like a waste of time and money, especially as I’d want completely new home decor when we eventually moved into a house. Anyone that knows me is fully aware that I prefer my home to be as neutral and simple as possible, but even I began to find the white walls a bit too plain after eighteen months of living here, so I decided to take advantage of one of the many blogger discount codes and get a Desenio order in ahead of Christmas.

Darryl thought I’d lost my mind when I told him I spent about £50 on what is essentially paper, but I love the simplistic Scandinavian designs, and even just six prints mounted on the walls is enough to make our little apartment feel more lived in. Obviously there’s no colour in them – because unless it’s black, grey or white I’m not a fan of it – but they’re exactly the sort of thing I love, and luckily Darryl likes them too. To frame them I just bought six cheap IKEA frames that were literally a couple of pound each, if that, but if you want something a bit better quality you can always order some directly from Desenio.

They’ll be very basic and probably pointless to some, but I’m so glad I got them. For someone with OCD who is always looking for a plain background for blog photos, they do the job. I also tried to buy prints that I know I won’t get bored of too quickly, so I’m sure these will still make an appearance in our next home. At least we’ll have more space in our next house, so that definitely warrants another haul. Even if you don’t want any for yourself, they’d make a nice gift, so it might be worth checking out their offers ahead of Christmas!

What I bought

Your Mind


Moon Phase


Forest Silhouette

Wish Do


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