I am one of those people who feels that they have to buy something from Duty Free because it’s not often I pass through it, but the reality is that I walk around for half an hour or more, getting up the hopes of the sales assistants, and then leaving empty handed because in actual fact, I don’t need anything, and even if I did my bank balance wouldn’t allow it. This time however, I did, and while my bank balance didn’t exactly scream “go for it!”, I went ahead and bought things anyway. Because I do irrational things like that when I’m in holiday mode.

Benefit Ready Set Brow


I’d been dying to pick up this product ever since I tried it out at the Benefit Brow launch event. I’ve got quite thick brows, so god forbid a bit of rain or wind and they’re all out of place in two minutes, which is a pain in the ass when you’ve just spent ten minutes brushing and shaping the hell out of them. This gel is admittedly the only one I’ve tried, but it does the job at holding my browns in place perfectly, which is all I could want from something that is essentially just a clear liquid in a pretty bottle.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation


You might have read my post about the Charlotte Tilbury foundation. I love it, honestly, but for me it didn’t quite match the power of Double Wear. This stuff is bottled gold. It’s fairly heavy (the coverage, not the bottle), which isn’t something everyone wants, but for my ever-changing, slightly unsightly skin, it’s just what I need – particularly for those blustery autumnal days where the weather just wipes everything off your face the second you step out the door.

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess


Now this is a product I could shout about until the cows come home. I’ve used Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer for years, literally years, and while I still like it, I grew a bit bored and fancied switching it up. I’d heard amazing things about Bronze Goddess and then the lady who does my LVL lashes sealed the deal for me the day before our holiday, telling me how incredible it was and how long it lasted. She was right, this bronzer is insane. It is so buildable and has a gorgeous shimmer to it, which for someone who has a face that doesn’t tan is perfect as you can match your complexion to the rest of your body in seconds. Long live the Bronze Goddess.

Duty Free better watch out because next time I set foot in one, I have a feeling my mini haul may well turn into a mega haul.


Benefit Ready Set BrowEstée Lauder Double Wear FoundationEstée Lauder Bronze Goddess


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