It’s Christmas Eve! Where on earth did this month go? I’ve been crazy busy lately, as since getting back from our month abroad on 28th November I’ve jumped straight back into my new job which is currently at its busiest time of year, I’ve had all of my Christmas shopping to do and to top it off – I got what felt like the world’s worst cold two weeks into the month. But now the decorations are up, mums been baking Christmas goodies and I’ve watched several atrocious yet brilliant seasonal movies – so I’m feeling crazy festive right now.

We originally thought we’d be spending Christmas in our new apartment this year, but the builders have decided to take an extra four whole months to finish building it (face palm), meaning the new traditions are yet to me made – and instead we’re making the most of every teeny thing that’s involved with Christmas at home with family. We’ll still be with family at Christmas even after we’ve moved out, it wouldn’t be Christmas otherwise, but everything from preparing the apartment by ourselves to waking up on our own on Christmas day means that for us – the festive period will totally change.

I already have a long list of plans and ideas of how we’ll go about Christmas next year, even down to where I’ll buy our decorations from, but that’s all part of the fun. 

Christmas is one of the best times of year for me, and I’m truly so grateful to my parents for giving me twenty years of incredible Christmasses. Though for my twenty first year, it’s time to make new memories with Darryl – which is just so exciting for me. 
I hope everyone has a magical Christmas!




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