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I’d been looking for a way to take my mind off my worries and concerns in a new way recently. In the past I’ve just bombarded my boyfriend or family members with it all, but that’s not necessarily always an option if at that point in time they’ve got things going on in their own lives. Blogging for me is a great way to take my mind of any issues I’m trying to deal with, but there are some things in life that just aren’t meant to be blogged about. Aside from this I would often write lists (too many in all honesty) to get any troubling thoughts out of my mind and onto paper, but naturally I’d come across the scribbly emotional notes days later and I’d be reminded with what I was trying to avoid. So it appears that exercise therapy, is the way to go.

Running and walking are such great ways to release any negative energy that’s built up over the day or week. The occasional stitches and freezing winter winds lashing at my face isn’t exactly relaxing (in comparison to a spa day for example), but a good jog or power walk in a beautiful, and not to mention 100% cost free, location is always a good idea. If I’m alone, I switch on my iPod and replay the day’s events in my head. It is essentially my way of having a ‘spring clean’ of the brain before the next day arrives. It allows me to extract the bad thoughts and let in the good, whilst losing weight and getting nice and toned for the year ahead. That’s a pretty good combination to end your day with, right?

I don’t currently run or walk every day as it’s still dark when my alarms goes off at 6.45am and dusk falls before I’ve even left work for the day, but it is something I’d like to do more as spring approaches. The thought of setting my alarm a little earlier and heading out for a run before my working day begins is such a refreshing thought, not to mention the low intensity walks that you can do on a gorgeous summer’s evening. It’s time we got geared up, grabbed a fitness buddy or our iPods, and appreciated more of the natural beauty that lies around us!

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