Christmas is essentially the day you can wear anything and it’s acceptable, whether it’s pajamas, a onesie  or a glitsy dress… it works. I tend to spend the morning in my pajamas, fluffy socks and dressing gown (you can never be too cosy), and then I  wear something a little more festive and dressy for our Christmas dinner. Though the pjs do of course make a second appearance later on in the afternoon.

The outfit I chose for Christmas this year is mega comfy, which is essential for a day where all I’m really doing is eating. Don’t get me wrong,  I adore a good strappy glittery dress, but it just isn’t practical for a day of lazing around. I thought I’d add a little tartan into my outfit this year as I am in Scotland for Christmas, which led me to purchase this adorable navy and green wrap skort along with a plain long sleeved black top. I accompanied my outfit with thick black tights, which are a definite must as although there is no snow here in Scotland (cries a little), it is still very icy and bitterly cold. My shoes are my trusty little boots that are worn rain or shine, being a plain dark colour they go with anything and everything. They are by far the best fashion investment of the season for me.

Despite it being a chilled day, once present unwrapping and breakfast is over I like to still do my hair and makeup. Some people are totally against this, but for me it is a personal choice. I adore makeup and more often than not stick some products on my Christmas list, and if I’m lucky enough to get them of course I’m going to be dying to try them out. Hair, in my opinion, is just fun to mess with. My day to day hair is dead straight, so I mixed it up a little and went for some loose waves this Christmas. Having just had my hair dyed back dark, I look like I did three years ago and it is still a little surprising each time I walk by a mirror!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, and I look forward to reading fellow bloggers’ festive posts! I’m spending today hunting for snow up in the Cairngorm Mountains… it’s in the minus temperatures so I’ll be wrapping up warm!

Wrap Skort – Newlook | Tights – BHS | | Boots – Newlook | Top – Primark  

Foundation – Benefit| Mascara – Benefit| Eye Liner – L’Oreal | Lip Liner – Rimmel | Bronzer – Benefit 



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