Being a blogger, no matter if you’re one with an insane amount of page views or merely a few hundred, the ‘blogger mindset’ can become intense. It’s got to the point for me where, despite not posting half as much as some bloggers, I find my mind does not switch off from it. How can I improve my blog? What post should I write next? What’s the weather like at the weekend for blog photos? Is the restaurant going to have good lighting so I can Instagram my food? Yep, these are all things I think about on a regular basis, and I know I’m not the only one. It can become exhausting for the mind, so bringing yourself back down to the land of the offline and remembering how to live your life like you did pre-blog is something worth keeping track of.

Pic or it didn’t happen

This quote, funny as it may be, is something many of us bloggers are guilty of. I’m only just learning that it’s ok to go out for a meal without photographing it, and it’s ok to wear a new outfit without uploading it to social media. Photographing everything you do in life will eventually become exhausting. If you enjoy it then by all means, continue, but I know that it takes its toll on my energy and emotions, which is why slowly but surely I am only snapping things that I know I will actually publish. If your sanity isn’t a good enough reason to take a step back, then please god spare a thought for your poor memory cards.

Turning your holiday into one gigantic blog post

In Switzerland, all I did was take photos for my blog. I enjoyed it, but I ended up taking 700 photos in six days, of buildings which all looks very similar and outfits which were nothing special to me. Not only did this give me a lot of work to do when I got back, but I feel as though I missed out on actually taking in my surroundings, because I was too busy staring at a flip-up screen and messing with the shutter speed. Zante was different. I took photos every day, but I spent no more than thirty minutes doing so, leaving me with hours and hours of relaxation and appreciation of the beautiful Island I was on. This is something I need to apply to all future trips.

Leaving some days uncaptured

Whether its a Birthday outing, date night with your loved one or a family trip, its ok not to blog about it. If you’re like me and you sometimes feel like you’re struggling to scrape together content, don’t force it. Give yourself a day every now and then to relax and refresh, allowing yourself time to think. If you spend 365 days a year blogging every single thing you do, you may well begin to feel as though you live more online than you do in the real world. Yourself aside, it’s important to give your family and friends some one on one time every now and then, because after all they’re our biggest fans.

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