I don’t hide the fact that despite being on a weight loss journey, I’m a huge foodie – though it’s very much a love/hate relationship. I don’t need to explain why I love food – that’s obvious. But why do I sometimes hate it? Pass me a Nutella doughnut and I’m your best friend – but make a swift departure because I’m about to have a thirty minute panic as to why on earth I just consumed that much sugar in one go. The guilt that I feel for eating something classed as “bad” is monumental, and it’s really something I wish I could control – but like anything in life, success isn’t something you achieve overnight!

After two years of trial and error I now eat “clean” roughly 80% of the time, which I find is a really nice balance. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are usually no problem for me – but dinner and dessert are a whole other story. Come 7pm – enter, carb monster. In all fairness though, I am actually quite disciplined with eating during the week – it’s weekends where I indulge. Whether it’s slobbing around at home, out and about running errands or attending family events – junk food is always present, wanted or unwanted.

Whilst some people disagree with a weekly “cheat meal”, I find they work wonders in terms of killing off cravings and well – feeling human. If I ate healthily 24/7 I’d go nuts. I am not about that all green everything life. Of course you can’t always choose when you have your cheat meal due to plans that pop up here and there, but I find that when I do have the choice – Sunday night is the way to go. I used to eat my cheat meal on a Saturday night and without a doubt I would then eat poorly on the Sunday – simply because I thought “well, I’ve already ruined it so I may as well carry on being a pig”. If you have incredible will power – then have your cheat meal whenever you damn well want. But if like me you struggle with getting back on track – try this method. After all, it’s good to mix things up from time to time!


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