The perfect winter in my opinion is when there are snow flurries overnight, so you wake up to a perfect white landscape with a chill in the air. British winters on the other hand are a little less appealing. Dark evenings are bad enough, but waking up at 6am to have to scrape the inch thick ice off your car windows before work, for it to then drizzle all day long with a biting wind, is not ideal. Particularly when you make the effort to get up at 5.45am to go to the gym, to then fall flat over on black ice, cutting your knee and destroying your new water bottle as you hit the ground. There’s an image for you.

The second thing about winter that bugs me, is the fact it destroys my skin. Face, hands, lips, legs, you name it, its dying for moisturiser ten minutes after moisturising. Can you tell I prefer spring and summer? So yeah, my skin’s bad. It always has been to be fair, I’m not blessed with a clear complexion, but in winter it’s considerably worse and it’s no secret that I’m not too good at committing to a dedicated skin care routine. Lucky for me, I got this gorgeous Elizabeth Arden set for Christmas. I’d never tried anything from this brand before, but I seem to read daily tweets from people raving about the Eight Hour Cream, so it was only a matter of time before I got my hands on some.

These four products are absolute saviours, and for someone who doesn’t leave the house without lip balm or hand cream in their handbag, these little pots are perfect for taking everywhere with you. I’m particularly obsessed with the oil because it just feels so damn good on your skin, and so I’ve found myself slapping it on nightly after cleansing, toning and moisturising, which gives my face so much hydration for when I wake up. I need to give the Eight Hour Cream another go because I absolutely caked my face in it which caused a bit of a reaction, so I’m currently not 100% sure if it’s actually meant for your face at all (*runs to Google*). I do have quite sensitive skin on my face though, so maybe I just need to apply a little less next time. Regardless, it’s great for hands, legs, arms – anywhere that needs it really.

If you’re struggling with your skin, invest in Elizabeth Arden, you really won’t regret it. If you need further persuasion, the Eight Hour Cream is £27, and the entire set is £27.50. So it’s a no brainer really.


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