One of my ideal breakfast choices is a fruity smoothie. They’re full of deliciously nutritious antioxidants, they fill you up for hours and you can vary the ingredients so they’re totally different every single time. Plus, smoothies are the sort of breakfast that’s a good option all year round… they’re my go to option when I’ve had an oatmeal overload!

In the past I’ve experimented with all kinds of fruits, and even some vegetables. Though unfortunately my blender isn’t fantastic so my choices are pretty limited, but I’m hoping to invest in something a little more appropriate soon…

My all time favourite smoothie consists of the following ingredients:

A handful of chia seeds
1 banana
200-300g frozen mixed berries
200ml coconut water
100ml dairy free coconut milk

Feel free to have a go at this recipe yourself and post a picture on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, tag me (@katiejanecollins for Instagram, @katiejcollins for Twitter and Katie Jane Collins for Facebook) and use the following hash tag: #smoothieswithkatie. I’d love to see all your fruity creations!


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