Drinking fruit infused water really is a good idea. Trust me, swapping ‘diet’ coke or juices with a high sugar content for a fresh cold glass of lemon water will do your body so many favours. I was a little skeptical when I first heard this, however now having tried it I can completely see the benefits.


Lemons contain a high dose of antioxidants, Vitamin C and Citric acid.

Helping Your Skin

The properties of a lemon not only boosts your immune system, but also increases collagen production for youthful skin. Vitamin C can help clear up blemishes, and even help with scarring when applied topically. (Mix with honey, and you have a heavenly cleansing face mask!)

Additional Benefits

Drinking lemon water before a meal reduces hunger, helps with digestion and also contributes to detoxification by aiding liver function. I’ve tried this, and drinking a glass before I eat does stop me from raiding the fridge straight after a meal.

Fun Fact

The beautiful fresh scent of lemons has been said to increase alertness and boost your energy. Well this leaves me with no option but to coat my desk in lemon slices on a Monday morning… or perhaps every morning.

I don’t just use lemons, I use limes and frozen berries also. Part of where I work sells the most delicious fresh produce so I’m always trying new fruits! I’m tempted to get myself one of those fancy bottles that has a ‘fruit section’ at the bottom to avoid the floating pulp. Which admittedly can become a little gross after a while!


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