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As we all know, come January gyms all across the world are packed with people trying to work off the mince pies. Me included. I recently started the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines for the second time, but unfortunately for the last two weeks I’ve been ill so it’s not been wise to workout. However now that I’m on the mend it’s time to really knuckle down and focus on my goals, with some of my new Nike fitness attire that I adore to aid me in the process. Here are my top five tips for getting back into your healthy routine:

Set yourself a realistic goal

In all seriousness, every single one of us has set (or still sets) unrealistic goals. For example, I read on a fitness forum yesterday that someone wants to lose three stone in two months. Perhaps it’s achievable if you completely and utterly starve yourself, but that isn’t healthy for anyone and I don’t recommend it. Set yourself a goal that’ll be a challenge, but isn’t completely out of reach.

Be prepared

There’s no point striding into the gym all guns blazing without having a clue what you’re about to do. Get yourself some suitable fitness wear, grab a bottle of water and a towel and do some research. Not just on the type of workout you want to do, but on the stretching also. I worked out last week without stretching and I kid you not, I can only just sit down again.

Mix it up

I don’t know about you, but I get bored staring at the same gym wall for weeks on end. Mixing up your workout and location for the workout will do you huge favours in keeping motivated. You might find you start saying ‘urgh, not the gym again’ a lot less by taking advantage of the outdoors or even your own living room.

Set mini targets

Aside from your overall goals, I find that setting mini targets helps break down the long period of time that it’ll take to shed the weight. For example, my first mini target is that by next month I’ll be able to do 15 press-ups without crumbling to the floor midway. By achieving these one by one, you’ll find yourself doing better than you realised and before you know it, you’ll have cracked your main goal.

Don’t treat your stomach like a bin

What you eat and drink will affect your epic transformation into a god/goddess hugely. It’s been said that you must eat healthy 80% of the time to be successful in getting fit, which I’ve realised is true. Planning what you eat is key, as we all know that if you grab something last minute it’s bound to be unhealthy. Also remember to treat yourself as well, just not too often. I aim to eat healthy all week, then I allow myself one cheat meal at the weekend and a bit of chocolate twice a week. Allowing these small treats will eliminate your cravings for a little longer each time.

What fitness tips do you find work well?



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