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Hair products and styling equipment are definitely up there when it comes to my desert island must-haves. Whilst I try not to over-do my hair, whether that be by shoving a ton of product in it or curling it within an inch of its life, I cannot go a day without doing something with it.

I dread to think how much I’ve spent on my hair in the past twelve months, unfortunately mainly on colour corrections, but it’s something I refuse to scrimp on. Whilst my hair’s not in the best condition when it comes to both colour and strength, I’ve definitely managed to bring it back from a horrendous state. A word to the wise, don’t attempt ombre, dark, blonde and medium brown all in the same six months. It doesn’t end well.

If I had more time I’d probably get a lot more creative with how I style my hair, but my go-to hair style is without a doubt a simple, straight look. Whilst many people say how much they’d like long hair like mine, it’s actually a real pain the ass, because not only does it take an absolute century to wash and dry, but no matter what body or bounce I give it, within about thirty minutes it’s back to being poker straight. Though I got it cut yesterday which will hopefully help to solve this!

When it comes to straighteners my first ever pair were fairly decent, however the minute I used my stepmum’s GHDs I became obsessed with them. Needless to say I switched to GHD pretty quickly! For the past few years I’ve been using the original GHDs, but sadly after almost daily use they just didn’t quite create the same, desired effect anymore, which I was pretty gutted about. I popped the Arctic Gold GHDs on my Christmas list last year just on the off-chance, which my parents very kindly for bought me. Hello again, styled hair!

The sleek, shimmering design of these straighteners is, as a blogger would say, complete goals. Despite having ‘gold’ in their name they actually look more of a silver colour in most lights, and as I am crazy about anything that has subtle silver tones right now,  these fit in perfectly with every ounce of decor that I’m currently styling out our new home with! Unsurprisingly they’re absolutely amazing, and they create the perfect look for whatever time of day or night you want to get ready for.

Straighteners aside, the pouch that they come in is equally as stunning, and also doubles up as the perfect heat resistant mat, which is ideal considering we have brand new carpets to try and avoid ruining!

If you’re long overdue a fresh pair of straighteners, I strongly recommend checking these beauties out. Let me know of any must-have hair products either in the comments below, or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, as I’m keen to discover a few new brands!


GHD Arctic Gold straighteners


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