2016 Resolutions

2015 was quite possibly the best, most exciting year of my life so far. So how on earth is 2016 going to top it? In reality, it might not, but I’ll certainly do my best to make sure I end the year on a high once again. No doubt the highlight of the year will be the big move into our new apartment, but who knows, with a whole twelve months ahead of me – anything could happen!

For 2015 I set myself several specific resolutions, and for once in my life I actually stuck by all of them, but this year is slightly different. Of course there are certain things I want to achieve, but for me 2016 is about improving on the things I already do and the things I already know. So what sort of improvements do I want to make?

Being A Blogger

Of course, this had to feature. I adore blogging, but sadly my time is much more limited now which in turn makes blogging pretty freaking difficult. But hey, most bloggers I know work full time too – so if they can, why can’t I? I wish I could post every single day, but sadly unless I worked part time that just can’t happen. Nevertheless, I have big ideas for my blog and am going to do whatever it takes to see them become a reality.

Taking Pretty Photos

Over the past year I’ve really developed a huge passion for photography. Between Darryl and I, we’re slowly but surely adding more equipment to what we currently own in order to make sure our photographs are high quality. But as we all know, high quality photography requires a knowledgable photographer – so wish us luck in trying to figure out how the hell to take a good picture!

Healthy Eating

I’ve been eating healthily at roughly a 80:20 ratio since the beginning of 2014, and I’m seriously chuffed that I’ve stuck at it as well as I have. But of course, like anything, it can always be improved. This year I’m going to do less “I’m eating it because it’s there” and more “I’m eating this because I genuinely want to and I bloody well deserve it”, because life’s better with the odd doughnut and glass of wine!

Getting Fit

Again, something I’ve stuck at since 2014. I’ve grown to absolutely adore working out (I know, I’m shocked too), and now I genuinely cannot imagine going more than a week or two without hitting the gym. I’m not particularly looking to lose weight, but I am looking to stick to a specific routine and build a decent amount of muscle. Goodbye wobbly bits!

My Career

I love my job, and ever since I joined the company in October last year I’ve thought to myself how lucky I am to be working my way up in a career that makes me incredibly happy. Right now I’m still getting my head around bits and bobs of the role, but I hope that over the next year I can make some great achievements and bring a lot to the business.

My Personal Life

I’ve spent far too much time in the past neglecting friends, being stroppy for no real reason and pushing family members away. In recent years I’ve got better at not doing this, but as I said before, things can always be improved. I’m now 21 and it hit me the other day that no doubt before I know it I’ll be waking up on my 30th Birthday thinking – where they hell did 9 years go? Let alone the 21 years prior to that. So, soaking up every possible moment is key for me right now.

Finding My Inner Chef

Bit of an odd one, I know, but I used to adore cooking and shamefully I’ve let Darryl take over a little bit here (mainly because he’s a damn good cook). I’ve let blogging and working suck up all of my energy, which has led me to not be so inventive in the kitchen anymore, but I’m determined to experiment more with food once we’re in our new home!

Treating Myself 

Yep, another weird one, but hear me out. As a prime example, every shopping trip of 2015 was spent feeling horrendously guilty. “Should I spend £20 on this top? Should I wait in case it goes into the sale? Should I just forget it and go back to my sad little wardrobe?”. These are the sorts of questions that used to run through my head on a regular basis, and it began to make me hate everything about shopping. On my Birthday I went shopping with a fresh mind-set and, for once, money to spend. Could I find anything? No. But I went back a few days later and treated myself to lots of lovely new things. No more seeking opinions and approval from those around me beforehand! If the extra money is there and I feel I deserve it, I’m going for it.


Quite a cliché one, granted, but it’s one that is very close to my heart. After spending four weeks abroad in November I’ve realized even more how much travelling means to me. Any opportunity I get to head somewhere new, even in the UK, will be snatched up immediately. Is it too soon to book a holiday…?

And there we have it, my New Year’s resolutions/improvements! Apologies that they’re a little late. New Year’s was mega as always, and then even more mega 21st celebrations followed last weekend. Oh, and you may have noticed that my blog has had a little bit of a revamp – hurrah! There are a few tweaks still to make here and there, but I’m loving the new design and am glad I’ve begun the year with a fresh look!

Here’s to a fabulous 2016 everyone, Happy New Year!


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