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Hair is an absolute priority to the majority of women I know, and several men come to think of it, yet we can all easily be misled when it comes to styles, products and general knowledge. At school I cared a lot about my hair, and I mean A LOT. Any of my school friends would tell you that during our lesson breaks I would rush to the toilets to ‘over’ style it just a little more. I had long dark hair at school, which led to the question ‘are you wearing extensions?’ becoming not only a daily thing, but almost hourly at one point. So naturally, I wanted to take care of it. Over the years my colour/shape/length has changed numerous times, yet I’ve been unhappy with it no matter what the outcome. Because of this, I totally neglected it’s health.

I’ve always been envious of those who have long, light brown/blonde flowing hair, particularly because I knew that going from a harsh black/red colour to the opposite would be one hell of a challenge (why is it we always want what we can’t have!?). I’ve attempted to go light four times in the last two years, much to the delight of my bank account, however I was determined to give it one last try. I was told by countless hair dressers that it would take roughly around three attempts, racking up a good £250-300 minimum (eek), but I knew I had to give it one last go or I’d forever wonder what would of happened. I was literally shaking with nerves as I sat in that salon chair, but the outcome was beyond what I could have hoped for.

Although a little of the dark/red tones were left, the majority was gone, and I was left with silky medium brown/dark blonde balayage hair. Needless to say, I was over the moon! It lifted far more than I expected it to, meaning I only have to get it done once more to achieve my desired colour (which of course was quickly booked in for six weeks’ time). My next worry was losing the colour from washing it, as this has happened to me on all the previous four attempts. In the hope that I would avoid that, I invested in the exact shampoo and conditioner that was used on my hair in the salon. It was expensive (I paid almost double as I got it directly from the salon), but it was so worth it. It’s now been almost three weeks and the colour hasn’t changed in the slightest. No orangey tones for me – yay!

Being one step closer to my hair goal is a great feeling, and it has not only made a huge difference to my confidence, but also my blog photos… I no longer look pasty and washed out, result! I can already picture myself swishing my newly coloured hair around on the Aussie beaches in November (I made that sound way more Baywatch than I meant to)… roll on my next appointment!



Shampoo – Goldwell from Beauty Bay| Conditioner – Goldwell from Beauty Bay| Deep Conditioner – Aussie from Boots | Oil/Serum – Moroccan Oil from Feel Unique| Brush – Head Jog from Beauty Bay | Straighteners (plus mat) – GHD (sold out – similar here) | Comb – Superdrug


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