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Being a typical girl, I absolutely adore bubble baths (adore being the understatement of the year). Baths are a perfect relaxation method for these darker Autumn evenings, where all you want to do is have a good soak followed by a snuggle down in your favourite pj’s… preferably accompanied by a bar of Galaxy to which I’m sure the majority of the feminine population can relate to.

This is where Lush Cosmetics come in. I have a Lush store locally to me in Milton Keynes, though I’ve never really been in there for more than a browse. Since watching numerous vlogs about Lush Cosmetics hauls and seeing how incredible the products looked, I decided it was time to actually buy something myself, and of course blog about it.

So, yesterday I went along to the store and bought the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar, the Wizard Bubble Bar and the Sparkler Bath Bomb. Not only do they all smell incredible, but they are the  most beautifully crafted bath products I think I’ve ever laid eyes on. I could honestly just look at the glittery goodness of Sparkly Pumpkin for days!

Tonight I sampled the Wizard Bubble Bar and I’m in looove! The purple bubbly water accompanied by that delicious aroma was utter heaven, to say the least. I’m seriously looking forward to trying the other ones in the near future, for now they’re for me to look forward to. After Halloween, it’s on to the Christmas range… thank you Lush Cosmetics for your wonderful products. I am one hundred percent addicted (and smelling fabulous)!

Happy Halloween!


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