I’m so obsessed with autumn as a season I can’t even cope. It’s no longer uncomfortably hot so I can go back to layering up to leave the house or walking around with a blanket cape when I’m at home, all the good food resurfaces which ultimately is terrible for my diet but hey who’s gonna say no to Christmas chocolate in October, LUSH bring back their killer range of A/W bath bombs and bubble bars, and Christmas (and my birthday, FYI) is close enough to start going around telling everybody how festive you’re feeling. There’s nothing not to love about this season, but here’s what I really love about it.

24/7 Halloween vibes & Bonfire night

Was the first weekend of October too early to whack out the Halloween decorations? Absolutely not. This is will be our second Halloween in our own home and even though I’m annoyed that it’s on a Tuesday (what kind of day is that for Halloween?), I’m still excited. We don’t even get trick-or-treaters, I just like how everyone feels it’s acceptable to dress up in ridiculous outfits, eat ‘spooky’ food, light a ton of candles and fill their homes with orange and glittery tat for a week or two. At this time of year if I see something with a pumpkin on it, I’m getting it, hence the Starbucks x Skinnydip London phone case. It’s also Bonfire Night five days later and we’ve already been to one firework display so far. I don’t love that it scares Luna but she’s alright if we leave her with toys, music and somewhere to hide (pampered princess or what?), so it’s all good.

Wardrobe overhaul

I’m never that fussed about shopping for spring and summer, but shopping for autumn and winter is different. So. Much. To Buy. Some girls are happiest in a bikini, whereas others (like me) are definitely happiest in as many layers as possible. The more boots, jumpers, scarfs, pajamas, coats, socks – the better. All day every day. July through to September was so busy I can’t even remember half of what I did, whereas the last few weekends have been so chill that I’ve basically just swanned around in my dressing gown with cups of coffee, using my cat as a lap warmer. The dream.

Pumpkin spiced everything

What would an autumn blog post be without a shoutout to the holy Starbucks PSL. I don’t even care how much sugar is in it now, I’m over it. Pass me three. Last year sucked because I was on a strict diet for the entire festive period, so no PSLs for me (or anything to be brutally honest), but this year I’m not so bring on the overpriced coffees, the baking, the batch cooking of spicy soup and the festive meals out. A/W food is a million times more exciting than S/S food (excluding Easter Eggs).

Every night is pamper night

In summer I’m always too hot to be arsed to do anything other than have a quick lukewarm shower, so autumn and winter are the months where I get to spend a good amount of time in a hot bubble bath with my favourite LUSH bath bombs, a few candles burning, maybe a glass of wine and a face mask. How Bridget Jones does that sound? My skin is super bad at the moment for some reason so I’m going to dedicate the next few months to getting it back to normal again. I also tried to embrace my ombre hair for summer but I’m so glad to be back to my chocolatey-brown colour for autumn and winter. Autumn and winter is just generally so much easier on the beauty front. No more frazzled hair, sweaty makeup or patchy fake tan.

Get the candles out

As you might have guessed from the photos I’m a litttttle bit of a candle hoarder. I might live in an apartment but that won’t stop me having 23 candles/tea lights on show and another 5 candles and about another 50 tea lights in storage. Not even joking, that’s genuinely what I have right now. I mainly get Yankee Candles because they’re still one of the best brands out there (if you haven’t bought Fireside Treats then buy it now, it’s insane), but I also have ones from The White Company, Aldi, Baylis & Harding etc. My new favourites are these Pecksniff’s England triple-wick candles from HomeSense. One is Orange and Cinnamon and the other is Pumpkin & Spiced Maple. Too excited to light them, but also terrified because I get candle lighting phobia when they’re pretty. Can we also just talk about this candle tray? I didn’t know I needed wanted one until I bought this in Lidl for £3.99 but it’s actually such a handy little thing to have to make them look tidier, and now I can take them into the bathroom with me when I want one of those pamper sesh’s that I mentioned.

So yeah, if autumn could be 365 days a year that would be great. Anyone else agree?


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