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Isn’t it strange how a series of situations can affect, alter and inspire your opinions in so many ways? I regularly think to myself “yep – I got this”. Then before I know it, my opinion is now different to what it was twenty seconds ago. Sometimes it’s a good thing, and sometimes not. Regardless, it’s always a valuable lesson and an experience to carry with you throughout the remainder of your existence.

I apologise for not blogging more than once a week at the moment. That thing I mentioned, ‘life’, is currently a whirlwind of exciting yet nerve wracking times. The primary event in my life right now is that Darryl and I have begun the process of buying our first home together. Whilst I was spot on with my presumption of how utterly exhilarating this would be, boy did I underestimate how anxious I’d feel – day in, day out. It’s silly because the nail biting part of this is still weeks away, we’re merely at the ‘let’s find somewhere we like’ stage, but that alone raises the level of pressure. As an estate agent rightly said to me yesterday: “It isn’t as though we’re talking about a pair of shoes, you can’t just hide a home away in a cupboard when you no longer like it. It needs to be perfect.”

Aside from the increasingly stressful property search, my cat has an illness that went out of control the other day causing her to lose all strength and collapse by my feet on the kitchen floor. If we hadn’t of rushed her to an 24 hour veterinary surgery for emergency IV fluids, we would have lost her. Thankfully she’s on the mend, but is looking a little worse for wear with her shaved patches of fur. Despite the miserable cow bag attitude that she carries most of the time, I love her to pieces and couldn’t imagine her not padding around the house screeching at me for food each day. Life really is too short to take those close to you for granted – family, friend, or pet.

The past week has taught me that when a situation is leaving you with negative thoughts, you need to step back and relax. Fighting fire with fire doesn’t work, taking a positively different approach does. Aside from several property viewings today, I took time at home to appreciate my cat and how she battled on through, I took time to appreciate the fact that buying a home is the most exciting thing we’ve done as a couple to date, and I took time to sit and enjoy my beautiful roses and the scent of my sweet smelling diffuser. Simple pleasures like these are hugely reassuring and aid in bringing you back down to earth for a second. I can’t stress enough that doing this when faced with a tricky decision or opportunity is crucial, as you’re more than likely to view everything in a whole new light.




“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters”
– Audrey Hepburn



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