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This meal is absolutely incredible, providing you like Mexican food of course. I love spicy food to the point where I will eat it multiple times a week in various forms. Though as much as I love fajitas, tacos and enchiladas, I was getting slightly bored of having them as my only ‘go to Mexican meals’. So, with the help of my lovely boyfriend, we gave quesadillas a go. I attempted these once years ago when I lacked patience and even basic skill in the kitchen, so they turned out pretty poor. This time around they worked beautifully, and having only had them a few days ago, I’m already craving them again.

For two people, you will need:

2 chicken breasts

100 ml tomato passata

2 tortilla wraps

1 bell pepper

1 tsp coconut oil

1 tbsp fajita seasoning

50g low fat grated cheese

1/2 tsp hot chilli powder

2 tbsp fat free Greek yoghurt

10-20 ml Nandos medium marinade (depending on how spicy you like your food!)

2 tbsp guacamole

As much salad as you like on the side


1. Chop the chicken into small chunks and fry in the coconut oil until cooked thoroughly

2. Once cooked, add the fajita seasoning, chilli powder, tomato passata, marinade and chopped pepper to the chicken and mix well

3. Whilst the chicken is cooking, prepare your side salad

4. When your quesadilla filling is ready, split the pan ingredients between two wraps, making sure that the ingredients lie only on one side of the wrap

5. Sprinkle the filling of each wrap with cheese

6. Fold the empty half of the wrap over to form a half moon shape and place in a flat sandwich press (like this one)

7. Press the lid down and heat until the wraps have browned and the cheese has melted

8. Cut into triangles and serve hot

These spicy bakes are perfect for a healthy, yet filling alternative for those who like their food to have a little kick! Believe it or not, they’re only 540 calories and 15g of fat. Pretty good right? Let me know if you give these a go in the comments below.


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