It’s been a little while now since I published my first “Holiday Fitness Prep” post, so I thought I’d share a bit of an update. If you read the post then you’ll know that it was the beginning of a ten week fitness and eating plan ― which ironically wasn’t really much of a plan at all, more ‘guidance notes’ to keep me on track and give me something to be accountable for ― but nevertheless it kicked off just over two months of better eating and more intense workouts all in preparation for our holiday! So what’s happened during these past three weeks?

Fitness wise things couldn’t be going better, and I’ve managed to stick to my equal balance of weight training and HIIT four times a week. I’m only in the gym for forty to fifty minutes at a time, but that’s fine, because believe it or not you don’t actually need to spend hours and hours slogging away to make a difference! The 5.45am starts aren’t my favourite ― I won’t pretend I love them ― but they’re a hell of a lot easier now it’s light so early! Once that little perk disappears for another year, I’ll probably be on the verge of a nervous break down every morning. I did have a little squat-induced back injury at one point which hurt so much I actually couldn’t walk at one point, but I let my body recover for a couple of days and then lowered my weights back down, before starting the process of building them back up which is what I’m doing now.

When it comes to my diet, things actually haven’t been terrible ― *huge sigh of relief*. I’d be lying if they said they’d been amazing, because I’ll admit I’ve had a few too many snacks here and there, but at the same time I feel like I’ve finally learned the true meaning of “everything in moderation”. I used to eat super clean all week long, and then on a Sunday I’d binge on a huge dinner and multiple desserts, maybe even some alcohol, and I’d go to bed feeling horrendous. Literally like death. I thought it was ok to do that because I’d been so healthy all week, but actually, I was eating enough to surpass the caloric deficit that I’d spent the previous six days making. In other words, I was being a pig and undoing all of my hard work. Things are different now. I have a treat almost every single day, eliminating the need for those Sunday binge episodes, and this is so much healthier for not only my body, but my attitude towards food in general. Happy days.

In other news I’ve become way more appreciative of my ability to move. It might sound strange, but hear me out. I won’t go into details but I had a bit of a scare in the week that made me think, Christ, I’m so grateful to be able to go to the gym. The thought of not being able to do that, even if it was just for a few of months, scares the hell out of me. That proves just how much fitness means to me, which is a feeling I’d taken for granted before. I thought I liked the gym purely because it helped me look better aesthetically, but now I realise that there’s so much more to it. I now also like the gym for how strong and empowered it makes me feel. Enjoying the sweat, pain and exhaustion that comes with fitness is so satisfying for me. I’m not quite out of the woods yet, but fingers crossed I get to keep doing what I’m doing without any interruptions. Positive vibes please!

Looking at my measurements and photo comparisons, things aren’t too shabby. I’ve lost the Easter weight/bloat, I have minor ab-age when I tense in good lighting, I don’t feel like an absolute rhino, and my clothes still fit ok. I wouldn’t say I’ve made recognisable progress as such, but it’s only been three weeks, and I meant it when I said I wasn’t expecting miracles. I ate a Terry’s Chocolate Orange Brownie as I wrote this for God’s sake so if I’d really shed a load of body fat I’d be utterly astounded. Imagine that? “Eat brownies and get lean”. People would buy into that wouldn’t they.

The day this post goes live will be Saturday, which is the day I go to Bodypower (aka the biggest fitness expo in the UK, maybe even the world) at the NEC in Birmingham. I’ll probably leave the expo feeling either unbelievably motivated, or slightly regretful of that brownie, maybe both ― either way I’m really excited to see what goes on there as I’ve never been before! If I can get decent photos I’ll definitely do a post about it. In the meantime, if anyone has any questions about anything I’ve spoken about here or in my previous post, let me know so I can answer it in “update two” of my holiday fitness prep series!


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