It’s June, which means it’s only four weeks to go until we board our flight to Mexico! I’m getting stupidly excited now. Don’t get me wrong all of our holidays are ones which I’ve been exited for, but this one, like when we went to Dubai, Aus and Bali, feels extra special. I’ve talked about going to Mexico since I was sixteen and even last year in Zante when I said to Darryl that I 100% wanted to go in 2017, I still didn’t believe I would. Shoutout to First Choice and their January sale for making it possible.

So as I talked about in posts one and two of my holiday fitness prep/10 week plan, I’ve been working extra hard to lose a bit of body fat and build muscle, just so I can feel better in myself when I’m swanning around the hotel complex in bikinis and little dresses. Everyone else appears to be doing the same, because I can’t refresh a social media app without seeing some sort of detox tea preach *shudder*, #transformationtuesday photo or an post about the struggles of ‘dieting’. This is what I love about my ‘diet’. It just isn’t a diet. I eat greens, and protein, and fruit – but I also eat chocolate, and pizza, and too much peanut butter for my own good. It’s all about balance and that’s why it doesn’t feel like a daily struggle. I used to be that person complaining about dieting but now, I finally feel as though I never need to diet again. All I need to do is eat well, eat enough, and enjoy my food. No, this won’t make me as lean as I’d like to be, but it keeps me healthy and happy and that’s just as important as feeling slim 24/7.

So let’s talk about my 10 week plan progress. As much as I’d love this blog post to be one that says “oh my god I’ve done so well and I look amazing for Mexico”, I’d be lying. I’ve stuck to my fitness, I’ve eaten well 80% of the time, and yet I don’t feel I look any different. The bloating is still an issue, and the instant body shape change when I eat literally the smallest thing is still an issue. So yes, I might wake up looking half decent, but one bowl of porridge later and I look like I definitely haven’t spent ten months’ working my ass off. It’s unbelievably annoying, particularly when you see so many girls stuffing their faces with doughnuts and doing absolutely nothing fitness-wise, yet they have the abs, the legs and the butt of your dreams. It’s a bit soul destroying at times, I won’t lie, but it’s life. Their metabolism is awesome, mine isn’t, and that’s all there is to it. Hey at least I’m physically healthy right? Realness like this is usually hidden from social media, but lately so many fitness influencers have been sharing AM vs PM body comparison photos, which is amazing, because they show you that bloating IS normal and it shouldn’t be feared. More of this please.

Just to add another curve-ball into the mix, this week has been a total write off. I went to the gym last Saturday, had a rest day on Sunday for mine and Darryl’s anniversary, and enjoyed some good food that day too, and then Monday he whisked me off to Amsterdam for the day. The food was a little out of control, but I walked 30,000 steps in 30 degree heat so I feel as though I burnt off a fair amount of the endless stroopwaffles and poffertjes that I consumed that day. Totally worth every calorie by the way. That day we got up at 2am after 2.5 hours sleep, spent 4 hours on a hugely delayed flight, walked for 18km in the sun and heat, boarded another delayed flight, and arrived home at 11.30pm. It was an amazing day but 21+ hours on the go takes its toll on your body, and so there was no way on earth I was going to get up at 5.30am the next day. I planned to get back in the gym on Wednesday, but the tiredness was getting worse, and by Thursday morning I had developed a really, really bad cold. I hoped it’d go so I could finally get back to the gym this morning, but my immune system has other ideas and instead I’m sat tucked up in bed with painkillers, tissues and Lucozade feeling absolutely horrendous. I swear most people aren’t phased by colds, but when I get them, it’s as though I’ve contracted some sort of bizarre, tropical disease.

So I guess you could say that my 10 week plan has been somewhat interrupted by this fatigue/illness, which really sucks. I’m not good at being ill (can you tell?) and I’m already sick to death of staring at these four walls. Hopefully I can get back on track in the next day or two so I can really give these next four weeks everything I’ve got in preparation for Mexico. Send healthy vibes my way please!


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