I thought I’d just write a quick post to fully explain why my blog has changed from a “Fitness, Beauty and Fashion Blog” to a “Lifestyle Blog”. My old blog which began in April 2014 was primarily a health and fitness site that revolved around clean eating, recipes and fitness. In October 2014 I realised that I actually thoroughly enjoyed posting about all kinds of topics, specifically fashion and beauty, which led me to the decision to re-brand my blog’s design, name, logo and content structure. I’m incredibly glad I made that choice as I feel my site, interests and myself as a person are able to be portrayed in a whole new light – and the time in which I made these changes couldn’t have been more perfect. Since then my blog’s readership has significantly grown and exciting opportunities are beginning to pop up, which I don’t think would of necessarily happened this early on if I hadn’t of made those changes.

So, why make yet another change and call it a “Lifestyle Blog”? As you will have seen, I blog about anything from keeping fit, to hand moisturiser, to travel tips. So in other words, my topics are pretty varied. Whilst I do still blog about fitness, beauty and fashion – I’d be lying if I said that those topics are all I post about. Aside from that, I don’t want it to stop there. If an opportunity arose to blog about weddings, I would. And if I had the chance to blog about interior design, I would. I have many passions in my life that I could write about until the cows come home, therefore having a blog that allows me to post about literally anything that makes me happy is all I can wish for.

Despite the change, my site and way of working will not be altered in any way to reflect it – I simply will be advertising my blog slightly differently from now on. So with my blog’s new “Lifestyle” title you can expect to see a whole array of posts unravelling over time – particularly as once I move into my new apartment, it’ll be recipes and home décor galore…


 1. The way in which a person lives.

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