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I will forever remain a child at Christmas, there is no better time of year in my opinion. The only thing I dislike is the lack of snow we get in this country (I’m talking not a single flake last year). So I have considered emigrating to America or a snowy European country for the duration of December in future years, though of course that’s not massively realistic and would be a pretty lonely festive period for me. Other than that, everything is perfect. My work shuts down for thirteen days allowing me to eat myself into a food coma, I have a wonderful family who love nothing more than to spend Christmas altogether, and I can finally enjoy some full on relaxation and blogging time. Pretty nice right?

Usually I’m given permission to put up the tree only two weeks before Christmas, but this year I won my battle and it went up a whole three weeks before the big day (eek!). My work is part of a garden centre so I was able to use my staff discount to get a beautiful Fraser Fir Christmas tree. We only have a small living room so we couldn’t go all out with a gigantic Kardashian style tree as every woman dreams of, but a 6ft one is just as good. I take the decorating of the tree very seriously. It’s my job and my job only so my lovely boyfriend Darryl, as creative as he is, is not allowed to contribute too much. This year we dressed our tree in red and gold, which is such a classically beautiful combination. We have the odd memorable decoration on there, though I like to keep it organised and pretty. This is probably due to working for a company that actually decorates Christmas trees, I have found myself far more obsessed about it than I realised since working here. Once the living room is complete with our festive ornaments, it’s time to do my bedroom! When I have my own place I’ll make sure every room has been splattered with ‘Christmas’, but for now I have to let my mum have her house in a state that doesn’t look as though Buddy from Elf has visited and taken advantage.

Now that the decorations are up and the presents are bought and wrapped, it’s almost time to start winding down. I’m spending Christmas and Boxing Day in Scotland with half of my family, then I’ll be spending the weekend following Christmas back at home with the other half of my family. It is then my Birthday on December 29th so my time off will still be pretty hectic, but in an exciting and fun sort of way. Roll on the mince pies, mulled wine and Birthday cake!

I’d love to hear about your plans for celebrating this year’s festivities, comment below if you’d like to share!


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