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Until recent years I’d never been the outdoors type, so a waterproof jacket has never been high on my list of must haves. Though having discovered a new-found love for health and fitness about a year or two ago, I’ve since been spending more and more time appreciating the fresh air – whether it be whilst running, walking or even just travelling from place to place. With British weather being ever so typically wet, a waterproof coat really is quite essential for when I brave the gloomy skies – so naturally I jumped at the chance of trying out one of the new Trespass waterproof jackets. I’m a bit OCD when it comes to matching clothes, so choosing a coat that worked well with my workout gear was key. As much as I loved the brightly coloured jackets that Trespass stock, I’m a sucker for a neutral shade and loved the two tone black/granite effect that the Gerwin Womens Waterproof Jacket had – along with its hint of red for good measure.

I was so excited when my jacket arrived and couldn’t wait to try it out – so I made time last Sunday morning to give it a whirl. Whilst it didn’t rain, it wasn’t exactly a summery day – and the open fields of Buckinghamshire can be pretty breezy at times. As I walked from field to field with only a strappy workout top on underneath, my waterproof jacket kept me warm thanks to the two layers of shell fabric that it’s made with. Though for those hotter summer days the coat has a brilliant underarm ventilation feature – where you can unzip your armpit zone, so to speak. This is no joke. If you haven’t discovered this tactful design yet, you’re missing out. You can also say goodbye to chilly arms, as no wind is getting into those sleeves thanks to the coat’s flat cuffs with adjustable tabs.

A pet hate of mine is carrying a bag, so the fact that this jacket has large pockets was a real bonus. Time and time again I’ve found myself cramming my iPhone 5 into teeny pointless pockets – so a coat with pockets that you can delve into is always welcome in my eyes. Also, whilst it may seem obvious for this jacket to have a hood, I’m so grateful that it does. Two of my favourite winter coats don’t have hoods and it causes real issues on blustery days, usually resulting in me resembling a highland cow in a wind tunnel.

To top off what is a gorgeous piece of outerwear – I love that it’s so versatile depending on the season. You can either pop it on over a vest top during the summer like I did, or you can wear it over a jumper on those miserable wintry days that us Brits are all far too familiar with. Overall, the Gerwin Womens Waterproof Jacket is a fantastic item of clothing that has made me question why on earth I didn’t buy one sooner!



Shop the Gerwin Womens Waterproof Jacket here | This post was in collaboration with Trepsass, but all opinions are my own


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