When I studied to be a makeup artist I was trialing new makeup brands and products left, right and centre, but over the past couple of years I seem to have left the cosmetics shopping behind. This doesn’t sit well with me when there are so many stunning products to try out, so when Darryl and I headed down to Bluewater Shopping Centre on my Birthday last month I set out with every intention of splashing the cash on some new makeup.

I’d initially planned on browsing my way around the usual counters that sit within the large department stores, but as I was walking along I spotted Kiko Cosmetics – and more importantly their crazy big January sale. I’d seen this store once before around two years ago but refrained from buying anything as at that point I had far too many foundations, lipsticks and mascaras for one person, so getting a little spendy during my second visit was something I definitely had to take advantage of.


kiko_cosmetics_foundation_1 kiko_cosmetics_foundation_2

I’ve been using a powder foundation from Bare Minerals for the past six to twelve months which I adore, but I’ve been searching for a light liquid foundation to wear underneath to act as a sort of concealer. The lady in the store talked me through each foundation to find out what it was I was after, and ended up suggesting the Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation in “30 Warm Beige”. With a fairly light coverage, in comparison to their other foundations, it was perfect for a base coat or simply a “light makeup day” face, whilst its hydrating properties allow it to blend perfectly into my skin. I absolutely love the look and feel of this foundation, and for a minimal £6.90, who could say no?




Again, miss unadventurous over here has only used the same bronzing powder for the past two years. Why ditch something you love, right? But that aside, I felt it was time to branch out a little. I didn’t actually try this in the store but the packaging and palette itself sold it to me immediately. I picked up the Bronzer Powder in “100 Honey Beige”, which thankfully matches my skin tone perfectly. It’s quite a heavy bronzer, so less is definitely more, but it’s a great product that I now can’t go a day without using!




kiko_cosmetics_highlighter_1 kiko_cosmetics_highlighter

I’d never really used a highlighter prior to this shopping spree, but having seen raving reviews about basically every highlighter out there, I had to try one out for myself. I spotted the Cream Radiance Highlighter in “01 Twilight Gold”and fell in love with it based on the name alone. How gorgeous does it sound!? It’s the most sparkly, sheer, beautiful product I’ve ever laid eyes on, and it’s ideal for those nights that require a little bit of shimmer!

Based on the products I managed to bag during my visit to Bluewater, I will definitely be buying more products from Kiko Cosmetics in the future! What Kiko products would you recommend?

Shop the products:

Foundation | Bronzer | Highlighter


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