When you walk over to a beauty counter, ask the sales assistant to be colour matched to a concealer and she says “the lightest shade”, without even looking at your skin, of course you’re going to question it. Alright, I’m not in any way olive-skinned, but I definitely don’t resemble a pot of double cream. Without wanting to sound rude I politely told her that my previous concealer was a much more sandy shade, with the hope she’d say “oh yes, well that would work too”, but instead she said “trust me, you want the lightest one”.

Learning Not to Question the Pros

Girl knows her stuff! I tried Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Complete Coverage Concealer in Fair Neutral  right underneath my eyes, and it blended seamlessly. When I watch makeup tutorials on YouTube, more often than not they’re using a crazy light shade of concealer which I always thought was a bit odd, but now I get it. Better late than never to hop on the bandwagon, as they say.

“A weightless formula that provides complete coverage, Urban Decay’s Naked Skin concealer is proven to be a long-lasting way to mask imperfections…”

Learning Not to Question the Pros 1

This product far outweighs any concealer I have ever tried before with its exceptional coverage and brightening effects, so despite the slightly stomach-churning £17.50 price tag, I will definitely be repurchasing this beauty. Learning exactly where to apply this and how to blend it for optimum results is something I should have done a while ago, so I’m fully on board with this spontaneous makeup routine revamp of mine! Thank god for us bloggers for sharing these cracking beauty products with one another, you fabulous lot.


Urban Decay Naked Skin Complete Coverage Concealer


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