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In terms of makeup application itself, of course less is more, but when it comes to the price of your products it’s not always the case. If you’ve managed to find a god send of a foundation for a bargain price, you’re lucky, but having tried endless ‘dupes’ all in order to save a few pounds here and there, I always end up switching back to a more high-end brand. Why? Because my skin acts like a spoiled brat when it comes to any kind of foundation, concealer or anything in the same boat. I’m not happy about how much money I’ve lost to crappy foundations, but at the same time I’m glad I’ve finally realised how to treat my skin with the respect it deserves, in the form of a beautiful foundation that matches my skin perfectly.

A couple of weeks ago I spent some time darting between makeup counters to get as many samples as possible from the likes of Dior, Giorgio Armani and Estée Lauder. Even though it feels a bit cheeky to grab samples, we’re all totally entitled to do it, and now there’s no way on earth I’d buy a foundation without using a sample for a few days beforehand. I actually had really high hopes for Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Glow foundation, but after trying two different samples I was pretty horrified by the fact that despite its £38 price tag, not only did it not cover up any blemishes whatsoever, but it also wiped clean off the second I touched my face. Hence my gratitude for samples…

A few poor foundation choices later and I got around to trying Estée Lauder’s Double Wear. Thank god for this product! Not only is the foundation itself amazing, but the customer service aspect from both John Lewis and Boots in Milton Keynes was outstanding. Not being pressured to buy something from a sales person is actually hugely refreshing. After a week of using the sample I went straight back to buy it and opted for the shade ‘Ecru’, as its slightly warmer tone in comparison to Desert Beige was ideal for my complexion. It could have marginally better coverage, but compared to the various train wreck foundations I’ve tried recently it’s by far the best. I’m absolutely obsessed with its creamy texture and applying it with my Beauty Blender is just magic, I’m just praying I don’t run out too soon as I have a feeling I could get through it pretty quickly based on how much I adore applying it!

This foundation has proven that picking the right one for your skin type and colour is crucial, as it can make the biggest transformation from OTT and mismatched, to subtle yet noticeable in a way that seamlessly blends with your entire look.

Have you tried Estée Lauder Double Wear? What did you think of it? Let me know on Twitter, FacebookInstagram, or in the comments below!


Estée Lauder Double Wear


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