Chocolate is, and always has been, my nemesis when it comes to clean eating. If someone put even a single M&M in front of me, blink and it’ll be gone. So recently I’ve converted to dark chocolate as supposed to milk chocolate as I believe this is better for you, in moderation of course.

Introducing, Lindt. Not only is the 70% Cocoa Excellence bar heavenly, but it can be bought in various delicious flavours (many of which I have now tried). I am trying to eat more fulfilling healthy dinners to prevent being hungry later on in the evening, however with the ever increasing sweet tooth that I have, sometimes I just need some yummy chocolate. Two squares every other night, although not huge amounts, is surprisingly satisfying. I mix it up by buying a different flavour each time and more often then not it’s two for £3 in supermarkets, it’d be rude to not take advantage of that in my eyes. My two favourite flavours so far are Orange Intense and Blueberry Intense, both of which are out of this world. I strongly recommend you try having a couple of squares a night of these beautifully crafted chocolate bars, rather than a great whacking bar of something overly creamy and fattening. It’s been said that dark chocolate now and then is good for your diet, therefore I grant myself full permission to include this in my weekly food intake… it’s a win win situation really.



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